Friday, 29 March 2013

Prose Pieces - Rising Tides

'Oh the tide, it's swollen and looking for a fair word against it, a reason to rise and curse - fall onto the land, to spread and seep into the land, to salt all the fields, kill the crops where they feel their roots. 

Keeping to a steady rhythm until it feels the land give way, that slow descent towards the coast, the other coast so it will know it has reached across the land towards another sea and taken all in its wake to a deep cold oblivion.

When it touches the hand of a different warmer sea, will they rise up in defiance of each other, scream that they will never mix like oil and water, flow around one another judging waiting for the other to show but a whisper of weakness.

I watched all this from a small yellow boat looking out over a land of water, nothing but trees and floating hopeful wishes. I watched the seas fight, their heads held back, white horses running for shelter, a roar as loud as thunder on a bitter summer's day and a spray as dark as madness and then nothing, silence. The waters swirled together, the fields drained away. I held in my hands this memory of sudden destruction and it flew away from me to dispel me as a liar.'

When I wrote this about two weeks ago I thought - 'Wow that's weird, a bit random, a little dark - I like it!' It has very interesting imagery and details. I don't know where it came from. I know it's a bit on the brooding side, but maybe that's just a representation about how I feel at the moment and it's very apt since Britain seems to be suffering a second Winter!! Thanks very much Mother Nature! lol 

Nothing exciting is happening at the time. I am getting my head down and trying to keep busy with writing projects - some poetry, prose and play writing with my Mum. I'm also trying to get my head around the whole 'Silver Threads' issue and wondering where to go next - I hope you have all been enjoying the free download :) 

The next post will be 'New Poem for the Month of April (Wow where do the months go!?) and as April is National Poetry Month I have been racking my brains trying to think of something special to do for the month - any suggestions welcome.

Have a great Easter weekend however you celebrate :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Silver Lining for 'Silver Threads'

Just a bit of a quick post to say that 'Silver Threads' is now available to download for free on Google Drive!

The contract with my publisher was not worth the paper it was printed on and the whole thing has fallen apart, I am not in the least surprised but it is still a sad moment. It has been a horrible experience, and quite a jarring time trying to get the rights to my poetry back! As anyone creative knows, anything creative of yours becomes precious beyond belief and to see someone fobbing it off as unimportant is heartbreaking.

The contract stated that the physical copy of 'Silver Threads' was to be published by the end of August last year! I feel I have been more than patient, it has now been 7 months!

But there is a silver lining to the 'Silver Threads' story (pun intended) lol. You can now download the PDF for free. All I ever wanted was to share my poetry and see what people thought. Plus the whole 'publishing fiasco' lead me to set up this blog, so without it you wouldn't be reading this ramble right now :)

Onwards and upwards! Freedom beckons! - Happy Sunday

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Love, Madness & Karma

It was a transparent thread of madness
that she wove with delicate fingers
into the tapestry of life
Asking the questions
that no one wanted to answer
for secrets in the blood
last a lifetime, passed on to each fresh generation
in the guise of voices, delusions
The world seen through a veil of white gauze

Knights on dark horses took form
reality shattered at its china blue edges
and the world fell away on a desperate whisper
Of your sweet denial, I saw
I watched,
you sing yourself to sleep
with lies tied up in a haunting melody
Bold fairy tales and tainted make-believe
These are all the parts of you 

This poem is from my new collection 'Sun Square Neptune' (title could change, I'm still working on it) and is as yet unnamed. The title 'Love, Madness & Karma' is going to be the new collection's motif, I think this is a great unique idea for a poetry book with all thanks going to my Mum for the suggestion.

I'm still having problems with my publisher and the less said about that the better! I would still love any tips and help from anyone with experience of using the self publishing websites, I'm looking mainly at Createspace but have heard good things about Lulu. 'Sun Square Neptune' is growing and it won't be long before it's finished.

Also I now have another poem as a free download on Etherbooks, click here to see all the poems I have available to download for iphones and Androids :) (Click new authors and select Poetry - then in the box showing 'All Writers' look for my name.) My latest poem on Etherbooks is called 'A Collection' - it was inspired by a piece of automatic writing and is also in 'Sun Square Neptune' so another little taster for you all.

I hope I have a better weekend. I hope your weekend is full of madness! 

Happy Saturday

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Automatic Writing #8
'It’s just a small flickering light of a beat, rhythmic and lucid going straight from you along hidden lines into my hands, under the soft skin and into my blood, rushing past long forgotten emotions discarded along the way. 

And I forgot how amazing it could be to slow my breathing right down and hold the precious, half-iced breaths and watch it pulse under the light skin of your neck, watching your fanned eyelashes move in elliptic dreams. Watching your lips for the forming of words that must be being spoken in those deep summer time dreams - full of copper pennies shining, in dreams formed around memories of beaches and whitewashed clouds. Sighing with a lonely thought, to keep it all to myself to wash over me in its excuses.'

I thought this would be appropriate for today since I have been having some very weird dreams recently, featuring some people from my past in strange situations! In one dream I was angry at myself for being a smoker and resolved that I would try to give up immediately, I woke up really confused and then realised that I had already given up smoking 3 years ago! lol This piece of automatic writing is obviously about dreams but also about watching someone else dream, which is fascinating if you have ever seen it - especially the rapid eye movement (REM) and also Carl likes to laugh in his sleep which is very cute! :) Oh and I love the photo, it's brilliantly bizarre.

There is nothing else to tell, everything else has ground to a halt and it's all quite depressing to be honest. I am still keeping to myself and sleeping a lot, which is probably why I am having the weird dreams. I have a busy weekend ahead which should keep my mind off things - it's my lovely Mum's birthday tomorrow and Mothers Day here in the UK on Sunday, there will be lots of pressies, cake and pampering happening :)

Happy Thursday.

Friday, 1 March 2013

New Poem of the Month for March - 'Once around the Sun'

A year ago today
we started down the same path together
scattered with the same fallen stars,
in greens, purples
and shimmering whites

In Summer we ate under the twilight
and wished away a season

In Autumn we painted the leaves
a brilliant red and told each other stories

You wrote me love messages in the snow
during our first frosty Winter

And now on the Eve of Spring
as the snowdrops bow a goodnight
and the daffodils hold their breath.
Here we stand
saying I love you all over again.

I'm so sorry it has been so long since my last blog post, I have been really busy and it was my 1st Wedding Anniversary yesterday :) I wrote this poem especially for Carl and put it in his card, he was really touched by this. I did this since the first Anniversary is paper, he got me a book to represent the paper gift. We had a lovely day with a great meal out and lots of gazing into each others eyes kinda stuff lol

There is not much else to tell in other news. I still have no idea where I stand with regards to 'Silver Threads' so that is a touchy subject and I'm fighting the overwhelming urge to just 'drop out' of life at the moment. I haven't bothered with Facebook or Twitter and I just seem to want to disappear into a book or game, maybe this will be a good thing I might find some more creativity in the solitude, who knows?

Also Happy Saint Davids day to any of my Welsh readers or if you have any Welsh ancestry like me :)