Friday, 1 February 2013

New Poem of the Month for February - 'Just Listening'

To catch an idea
as it flickers past
on wings the colour of amber leaves
With a silver filigree body,
quivering like an ivory harp string
Among the dark twilight hours,
sitting with a scripted verse
soft humming 
and inspiring lights to guide you forward,
fly fireflies set adrift by a lonely muse. 

Hi everyone, another month and another new poem. This is a short one that I wrote at the beginning of last month just as a little practice, but it has since grown on me and I quite like it now.

So the month of February is here and time seems to be moving faster and faster the older I get. Speaking of getting older it will be my birthday on the 11th and I'll be (as I wrote in my diary) 'Twenty-bloody-eight!' lol. I am always saying 'I can't do that I'm only 12!' but then it dawns on me that... no... no I'm not, I'm an adult and I have to start acting like one - and then I usually ruin that image and steal something from Carl and run away laughing 'can't catch me loser!' :)

After yesterday and the amazing review on Unabridged Chick I have already had two new requests to review 'Silver Threads'. I'm so happy that my ebook is starting to get known and passed around between the book bloggers, they are a positive, lovely group of people and I'm glad to feel part of it.

Also 'Twisted Dreams Magazine' is out now, including 5 of my darker poems. You can buy the PDF version or the printed version. For 'Those whose blood runs a darker shade of red...' as their motto states.

I hope you all have a fab weekend. 

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