Friday, 8 February 2013

Micro Fiction - Living Words

He walked with an uneven limp, a shadow of a person with more books held tight to his chest and more precious than the breath in his soul. Reality was a daily expectation, lacking in warmth and good rich conversation. He wanted to live and grow old in a world of printed fantasy. He would make his home in an ampersand, live quietly and dream away the afternoons knowing that soon the end of the tale would come and shut him away for good. To live in a world of colourful impossibilities or not - life and fiction to him were too close together to pull apart.

I wrote this the other day when I was finishing off some automatic writing. I think it's a really interesting piece and another of those 'I don't know where this is from but I like it'. I think this piece is very apt at the moment since my life seems to be filling up with books! I have won three on Goodreads since the new year and there is a suspicious 'book shaped' present from Carl for my birthday on Monday. There is nothing like the escapism of a great book. I wonder how many of us bookworms would live in a book if we could?

It has been a whole week since my last post, I haven't been feeling very well and nothing much exciting has happened. I have had another request to review 'Silver Threads', so that makes 3 in total! Very excited about them and can't wait to see what they think of my poetry.

I won't be posting until after my birthday now - I'm thinking I'll probably find a good love poem for Valentines day, so if anyone wants to wish me a Happy Birthday now that would be lovely! lol :)

Have a great weekend.