Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day - 'A Journey'

Artwork by Julie Kennedy -
I saw us kissing so gently
a Tudor look upon our faces,
nipping the seconds as they drifted past
listening to the echos from a London cannon.

You speak a different language
but still find the words for love
that miss the mind 
and look straight into the heart. 

Different features, 
dark eyes, a softer skin, 
still you love me in all the ways you know.

And I know this life is just part of the whole,
a lifetime of stories for my heart and yours. 
I promise now
whenever my feet feel the earth underneath
I will search for you. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I bet you are all sick of red hearts and flowers already, but hey-ho here is my contribution to this day of love. This piece was inspired by some automatic writing, most of the words are the same but I worked it into a poem. 'A Journey' is along the theme of reincarnation - about meeting your soul mate in many different lifetimes, I was probably in a very loved up mood when I wrote this. I think it has some lovely imagery, I know Carl liked it :) The image is by my super talented Mum and I thought it was perfect for this poem.

Please share this with someone you love today and have a lovely romantic day whatever you are doing.

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