Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Poetry News and May Sarton

'When one's not writing poems—and I'm not at the moment—you wonder how you ever did it. It's like another country you can't reach.'As quoted in Women Writers Talking in 1983

Hello everyone, I hope you like the quote from May Sarton that I found - I can really identify with this, sometimes I do wonder how I have journeyed and come back from that creative place where poetry is made. 

I am going through a bit of a tough time with my publisher at the minute about the never ending delay of 'Silver Threads', right now I have no idea if or when it will be printed. I personally want to just leave it all behind now and concentrate on my other collections of poetry, I am looking into self publishing and any advice would be a great help :) I don't think I will ever touch a publisher again and anyone who reads my blog regularly will have noticed that I have said in countless past posts that 'Silver Threads' is just over the horizon! Well whatever happens I feel that I am done, I do love my book but it's time to move on to new writing projects, and that's partly why I have taken some of the promotion of 'Silver Threads' off the blog page. And my advice would be to never go with my publisher - unless you want to feel insignificant for 18 months! (but then maybe they are all the same!?)

So in the spirit of embracing the new I thought I would share some lines of poetry from my new collection 'Sun Square Neptune' ~

'Black and white flints stared back
flickering in and out of life,
reached out to me and spoke
in the resonant crackle of broken records.' From 'Static'

'I will fade to an outline,
of rich ideas and white sparks
and fall through
the outstretched fingers
of the nearest true believer.' From 'Faith'

I'm really excited about finally getting going on a new project :) Happy Tuesday 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day - 'A Journey'

Artwork by Julie Kennedy - www.juliekennedyart.co.uk
I saw us kissing so gently
a Tudor look upon our faces,
nipping the seconds as they drifted past
listening to the echos from a London cannon.

You speak a different language
but still find the words for love
that miss the mind 
and look straight into the heart. 

Different features, 
dark eyes, a softer skin, 
still you love me in all the ways you know.

And I know this life is just part of the whole,
a lifetime of stories for my heart and yours. 
I promise now
whenever my feet feel the earth underneath
I will search for you. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I bet you are all sick of red hearts and flowers already, but hey-ho here is my contribution to this day of love. This piece was inspired by some automatic writing, most of the words are the same but I worked it into a poem. 'A Journey' is along the theme of reincarnation - about meeting your soul mate in many different lifetimes, I was probably in a very loved up mood when I wrote this. I think it has some lovely imagery, I know Carl liked it :) The image is by my super talented Mum and I thought it was perfect for this poem.

Please share this with someone you love today and have a lovely romantic day whatever you are doing.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Micro Fiction - Living Words

He walked with an uneven limp, a shadow of a person with more books held tight to his chest and more precious than the breath in his soul. Reality was a daily expectation, lacking in warmth and good rich conversation. He wanted to live and grow old in a world of printed fantasy. He would make his home in an ampersand, live quietly and dream away the afternoons knowing that soon the end of the tale would come and shut him away for good. To live in a world of colourful impossibilities or not - life and fiction to him were too close together to pull apart.

I wrote this the other day when I was finishing off some automatic writing. I think it's a really interesting piece and another of those 'I don't know where this is from but I like it'. I think this piece is very apt at the moment since my life seems to be filling up with books! I have won three on Goodreads since the new year and there is a suspicious 'book shaped' present from Carl for my birthday on Monday. There is nothing like the escapism of a great book. I wonder how many of us bookworms would live in a book if we could?

It has been a whole week since my last post, I haven't been feeling very well and nothing much exciting has happened. I have had another request to review 'Silver Threads', so that makes 3 in total! Very excited about them and can't wait to see what they think of my poetry.

I won't be posting until after my birthday now - I'm thinking I'll probably find a good love poem for Valentines day, so if anyone wants to wish me a Happy Birthday now that would be lovely! lol :)

Have a great weekend.

Friday, 1 February 2013

New Poem of the Month for February - 'Just Listening'

To catch an idea
as it flickers past
on wings the colour of amber leaves
With a silver filigree body,
quivering like an ivory harp string
Among the dark twilight hours,
sitting with a scripted verse
soft humming 
and inspiring lights to guide you forward,
fly fireflies set adrift by a lonely muse. 

Hi everyone, another month and another new poem. This is a short one that I wrote at the beginning of last month just as a little practice, but it has since grown on me and I quite like it now.

So the month of February is here and time seems to be moving faster and faster the older I get. Speaking of getting older it will be my birthday on the 11th and I'll be (as I wrote in my diary) 'Twenty-bloody-eight!' lol. I am always saying 'I can't do that I'm only 12!' but then it dawns on me that... no... no I'm not, I'm an adult and I have to start acting like one - and then I usually ruin that image and steal something from Carl and run away laughing 'can't catch me loser!' :)

After yesterday and the amazing review on Unabridged Chick I have already had two new requests to review 'Silver Threads'. I'm so happy that my ebook is starting to get known and passed around between the book bloggers, they are a positive, lovely group of people and I'm glad to feel part of it.

Also 'Twisted Dreams Magazine' is out now, including 5 of my darker poems. You can buy the PDF version or the printed version. For 'Those whose blood runs a darker shade of red...' as their motto states.

I hope you all have a fab weekend.