Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review of 'Silver Threads' by Audra of Unabridged Chick

The lovely Audra from Unabridged Chick has written a heartwarming review of 'Silver Threads', full of praise and compliments. It still really makes my day when readers love 'Silver Threads' so much and I love hearing what they find in the poems, as I think poetry is very personal to the reader.

'Touching upon the experiences of childhood, first love, favorite holidays and books, the inspiration from a historic landscape, and the stressors of every day life, Kennedy's poems are brief breaths of experiences familiar and alien.'

This is a small quote from the review, read the whole thing here.

I especially loved that she mentions that the ending of 'The Crows' (Vous et nul autre/You and no other) was a personal moment for her, as Audra and her wife have this engraved on their wedding rings - I first found this quote in a book where the main character also has Vous et nul autre engraved in a wedding ring! I feel like this has come full circle! Life is full of these wonderful little coincidences. 

Thank you so much Audra for such a fantastic review :)

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