Sunday, 13 January 2013

Prose Pieces - 'Dead Things'

I marked you and put you in a box labelled ‘Dead Things’.

It read;

'Dead Things; In this box lay all things dead, now and evermore. They do not exist outside this box and you should never think they ever did. Turn back the way you have come and find true happiness for it is not here
You were rotten at the core and unfurling thread by thread, the stitches snapping and pulling. With buttons for eyes but I know you can still see me and understand that I’ll lie to you everyday, every night without shame, telling you that the box isn't real. You taught me well of lies and games and now I play them better than you, with more pleasure and imagination.

Well we can't have happy, shiny thoughts all the time, can we? Everyone has a dark side and mine is as alive and kicking as the next persons. This was an experiment with a macabre image I had in my head and I wondered where I could go with it. I usually keep my dark writing to myself but I thought my readers might like to read a bit today, please let me know what you think :)

The creativity is really flowing at home and I have quite a few writing projects on the go. Ideas keep coming into my head and I have to write them down quickly. My Mum and me are both writing for Scratch @ Fruit again, I haven't finished my piece yet. If I get to the end and don't like it, then it will be consigned to the documents file and may never see the light of day again lol (such are the risks of being a writers' creative project) It's called 'Grace' and it's the complete opposite to 'Dragonflies in Amber', it's a lot of fun to write and I'll see how it develops.

Also I wanted to say that my Twitter is now open and has been for a while, so if you want to follow me it would be lovely to connect with my readers. My tweets are an odd mix of poetry, history and random bits about my life.

Have a great weekend. 


  1. Huuummm not that dark I think!
    Wouldn't want You to see My dark side!
    Love your poetry Jade, enjoy reading each and every one of them!
    Thanks for sharing them with Us!

    1. Hi Pierrette,

      It's great to see you on here! :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting. No it's not that dark, some of the really dark stuff I have written in the past even I don't want to read again! lol Do you write? I'd love to read anything from your dark side.

      Jade xx

  2. Just as shadows add contrast and dimension, so does having a dark side.

    1. I so agree. That was one of the many reasons I posted this, I wanted to show that I have a shadow side like everyone else x