Sunday, 6 January 2013

Automatic Writing #7

'It needs to lay awhile and mull, laugh, infuse, take part and bring something home. Softly whisper, stroke images from its long hair and awaken fully, never rushed or hurried just allowed to grow and flourish by the time of its own clock. Carefully watching the world move by in slow uncertain strides. When born it will unfurl across the page in all its tiny purple threads, finding the corners of the pages and claiming it whole. Too wise to be tricked, too immature to believe anything that settles upon its beating heart. Why would you not speak to it? And ask it what its meaning is, in its short intricate lifetime. As short lived as a mayfly, as brittle as a kiss - an immortal part that sounds like laughter and a life that could not be measured in years but in lives touched.

This, in its being, is a thought, an idea wrapped in petals waiting for inspiration like the sun. But who am I but a soul with a set number of days left of breath, how can I say when my thought, any thought, is ready to see the daylight. I am just a channel for things beyond my understanding, just the gatekeeper - never the source. Sleep ideas, slumber long and sweet and when you are bursting to live, I will be ready to make you immortal in words.'

Hello everyone, I hope your 2013 is living up to its expectations already. I thought I'd put some more automatic writing on here since it has been quite a while since I posted some last. This excerpt is new, written just last month and is about letting ideas develop in their own time. I was playing with the question of how much time is spent just thinking about writing. I have read a few creative writing self-help books recently and one of the golden rules is 'Write something every day'.  I do think that this might be great advice to some writers, but to me this would just never work.

I need time to think about ideas, words and what I want to express. I think everyone needs a bit of 'window staring time'. Some of my writing ideas have been created, developed, critiqued and throw away, all before they saw a white page. I think more should be said about the 'mulling' time -  if I wrote every day a lot of it would be just gibberish! :) I'd love to hear what my readers think and if they have a routine for writing or not?

There is not much else to tell, things are still quiet but as always I am writing away. I thought you might find this online article, which I came across via a friend today, interesting - Women Writers are Winning - it looks like female writers are not content to sit on the sidelines any longer, fingers crossed one day I can say that I am one of them.

Have a great weekend


  1. It's amazing what can be written when we just let the words come. Beautiful imagery in this piece, Jade.

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment :) Automatic writing is extremely therapeutic and a great way to unwind. Plus some words and images work their way into becoming poems, prose pieces or any other creative writing pieces I write x