Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review of 'Silver Threads' by Audra of Unabridged Chick

The lovely Audra from Unabridged Chick has written a heartwarming review of 'Silver Threads', full of praise and compliments. It still really makes my day when readers love 'Silver Threads' so much and I love hearing what they find in the poems, as I think poetry is very personal to the reader.

'Touching upon the experiences of childhood, first love, favorite holidays and books, the inspiration from a historic landscape, and the stressors of every day life, Kennedy's poems are brief breaths of experiences familiar and alien.'

This is a small quote from the review, read the whole thing here.

I especially loved that she mentions that the ending of 'The Crows' (Vous et nul autre/You and no other) was a personal moment for her, as Audra and her wife have this engraved on their wedding rings - I first found this quote in a book where the main character also has Vous et nul autre engraved in a wedding ring! I feel like this has come full circle! Life is full of these wonderful little coincidences. 

Thank you so much Audra for such a fantastic review :)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Prose Pieces - 'A Collection'

'She was one for collecting. She collected anything with a face; dolls, teddies, cards with wide smiles, reflections, drawings and sketches. She even had a chest full of memories, of faces from other peoples loved ones all sewn onto a cloth of yellow, fraying at the edges. 

I never thought this was odd, but she was a conversation waiting to happen. I was always offered a mirror when I went to her house and she asked me to make a face into the glass, once it was a look of love, a dark look of jealously and a look of a half remembered joke. She then stored them away like a grey tinted magpie. 

I wondered if this was because she had no emotions herself, she borrowed the thoughts on peoples faces to wear as her own. She once greeted me with a childish look of surprise and another time invited me for tea with a matriarchal look of superiority. I couldn't help being fascinated by her - she was my greatest friend and I loved her just as she was, with or without those borrowed expressions.'

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy reading 'A Collection' - A piece of automatic writing turned prose piece. I wrote this back in October and came across it the other day and polished it up a little bit, I was even inspired to write a poem based around collecting faces/expressions. 

I'm afraid I don't have much else to report, January is dragging its heels and being a very, very quiet month. I will hopefully be getting another two reviews of 'Silver Threads' soon, I'll let you all know when that happens. Life must be giving me some quiet time to get all my writing projects finished and tidy up all my writing files on the computer (well that's the plan anyway lol)

Have a great weekend :) 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Poetry News and M. E. W Sherwood

'A queen driven from her throne, naked, in winter snows, like Elizabeth of Hungary, suffers more than she who wanders from a snow-beleaguered hut every day; the woman who has had the most suffers the most.'

This is a very apt quote as it's freezing in Yorkshire today and will be for another week or so! Lots of snow and ice and temperatures in the minus numbers - I won't be going too far from the fire today that's for sure.

The minute I saw this quote I had to use it, not only is it perfect for a day like today but its hint of history made it impossible to resist. I'm sure Mr. Sherwood was referring to 'Elizabeth of Bohemia' - the daughter of James I. She married the elector palatine of Bohemia but her and her husband were exiled shortly after they took the throne and she is known as 'The Winter Queen'. 

'Silver Threads' was in the kindle top 100 selling poetry ebooks again :) That always makes me happy. I was asked if I was the author of 'Silver Threads' - That made my week! Always a fantastic moment for a writer to say 'Yes, yes I am the author'. Also some of my dark poetry has at last found a home in 'Twisted Dreams Magazine'. Carl also submitted some of his poetry for the first time ever and was accepted as well! That was a real ego boost for us both. It's not available until the 1st February, so I'll post a link when it's out.

Have a fantastic Friday :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Prose Pieces - 'Dead Things'

I marked you and put you in a box labelled ‘Dead Things’.

It read;

'Dead Things; In this box lay all things dead, now and evermore. They do not exist outside this box and you should never think they ever did. Turn back the way you have come and find true happiness for it is not here
You were rotten at the core and unfurling thread by thread, the stitches snapping and pulling. With buttons for eyes but I know you can still see me and understand that I’ll lie to you everyday, every night without shame, telling you that the box isn't real. You taught me well of lies and games and now I play them better than you, with more pleasure and imagination.

Well we can't have happy, shiny thoughts all the time, can we? Everyone has a dark side and mine is as alive and kicking as the next persons. This was an experiment with a macabre image I had in my head and I wondered where I could go with it. I usually keep my dark writing to myself but I thought my readers might like to read a bit today, please let me know what you think :)

The creativity is really flowing at home and I have quite a few writing projects on the go. Ideas keep coming into my head and I have to write them down quickly. My Mum and me are both writing for Scratch @ Fruit again, I haven't finished my piece yet. If I get to the end and don't like it, then it will be consigned to the documents file and may never see the light of day again lol (such are the risks of being a writers' creative project) It's called 'Grace' and it's the complete opposite to 'Dragonflies in Amber', it's a lot of fun to write and I'll see how it develops.

Also I wanted to say that my Twitter is now open and has been for a while, so if you want to follow me it would be lovely to connect with my readers. My tweets are an odd mix of poetry, history and random bits about my life.

Have a great weekend. 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Automatic Writing #7

'It needs to lay awhile and mull, laugh, infuse, take part and bring something home. Softly whisper, stroke images from its long hair and awaken fully, never rushed or hurried just allowed to grow and flourish by the time of its own clock. Carefully watching the world move by in slow uncertain strides. When born it will unfurl across the page in all its tiny purple threads, finding the corners of the pages and claiming it whole. Too wise to be tricked, too immature to believe anything that settles upon its beating heart. Why would you not speak to it? And ask it what its meaning is, in its short intricate lifetime. As short lived as a mayfly, as brittle as a kiss - an immortal part that sounds like laughter and a life that could not be measured in years but in lives touched.

This, in its being, is a thought, an idea wrapped in petals waiting for inspiration like the sun. But who am I but a soul with a set number of days left of breath, how can I say when my thought, any thought, is ready to see the daylight. I am just a channel for things beyond my understanding, just the gatekeeper - never the source. Sleep ideas, slumber long and sweet and when you are bursting to live, I will be ready to make you immortal in words.'

Hello everyone, I hope your 2013 is living up to its expectations already. I thought I'd put some more automatic writing on here since it has been quite a while since I posted some last. This excerpt is new, written just last month and is about letting ideas develop in their own time. I was playing with the question of how much time is spent just thinking about writing. I have read a few creative writing self-help books recently and one of the golden rules is 'Write something every day'.  I do think that this might be great advice to some writers, but to me this would just never work.

I need time to think about ideas, words and what I want to express. I think everyone needs a bit of 'window staring time'. Some of my writing ideas have been created, developed, critiqued and throw away, all before they saw a white page. I think more should be said about the 'mulling' time -  if I wrote every day a lot of it would be just gibberish! :) I'd love to hear what my readers think and if they have a routine for writing or not?

There is not much else to tell, things are still quiet but as always I am writing away. I thought you might find this online article, which I came across via a friend today, interesting - Women Writers are Winning - it looks like female writers are not content to sit on the sidelines any longer, fingers crossed one day I can say that I am one of them.

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Poem of the Month for January - Mosaic

We are a mosaic of moments,
colourful marble flecks of feeling
and I watch you through glass,
seeing you run and twist
your way through the rivers of rain.

Captured in a droplet
you move into being,
small, far away, distorted by hunger.
Your voice becomes thin,
lacking its confident, red-blooded

Just promise me you will never
grow bold paper wings
and fly from my heart forever.

A new year, a new month and a new poem! Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope you all have a fantastic 2013 that's full of possibilities.  I had a wonderful Christmas too and got some brilliant presents.

The 'December Giveaway of Silver Threads' has now ended and it was worth a try :) I have had word from my publisher that the physical copy of 'Silver Threads' is just over the horizon (fingers crossed). When that happens I will be hosting a giveaway on Goodreads, so watch out for that.

I hope you all like 'Mosaic' - it is very new and was only written a few days ago. It was also one of those poems that doesn't have a name until the last moment. There is nothing much else to say, I have been having a festive break, along with the rest of the world, and now I am raring to go and wanting to see what 2013 has in store for me :)