Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Morning After Scratch @ Fruit

Photograph by Jerome Whittingham

Last night was amazing. I really can't describe how fantastic it was! I was surrounded by such supportive, lovely, creative people. It was one of those 'So this is where I belong!' moments.

The photo on the right is from my excerpt of 'Dragonflies in Amber' performed by the fantastic Erica Barker and Louise Brown - actresses really are worth their weight in gold! It is such a heart-warming thing to hear your words lifted off the page and performed perfectly. I think Erica and Louise have great acting careers in their futures. Both of them were in quite a few other plays last night and never faltered once! :)

The beautiful photo was taken by the very talented Jerome Whittingham, who took photos of all the performances and is a Facebook friend of both me and my Mum. He came along with lots of support and his very professional looking camera. You can see the rest of his photos of the night on Photo Moments

Even though my heart was beating like crazy when I and my play was introduced, the organiser Dave Windass said that 'Dragonflies in Amber' was 'a cracking piece of writing' I think my glow might have been visible at that moment! There were 11 play excerpts altogether from some great writers, including myself, my Mum and our fellow female writing group classmate Louise Beech who's excerpt 'A Christmas Casserole' was fantastic - I must admit I clapped the loudest when all ours came on! lol Well who wouldn't!?

Thank you Louise for this photo

From left to right; Me, Erica Barker, Julie Kennedy (my Mum) & Louise Beech

It truly was a wonderful night and I hope it is the start of something good. Thank you everyone who came to watch and give their support and encouragement. :)


  1. I'm so glad that all went well with your performance. I've no doubt that it would be a success. I wouldn't say it was the 'start' of something good because to be honest, you've already 'started' and the race has already begun. Keep up the good work, with mum. It's nice to know that your own mother is supportive of what you do. :)

    1. Hi Rum,

      Thanks for your great comment and support. I am very lucky, Mum has always been supportive, especially of my writing. Her play was really good too, we had a fantastic day. :)