Thursday, 6 December 2012

December Giveaway - Gransel & Hetel by Stephanie Fletcher

Gransel and Hetel ran into the wood,
playing among the evergreen trees, 
to celebrate freedom newly hard won 
after killing dear mother with ease.

Having grown tired of relentless nagging, 
constantly tasked with tedious chores, 
they lopped off her head and flung it aside 
as her body sank down to the floor.

They beamed oh so brightly swelling with pride 
as they went skipping along their way; 
venturing further into the dark wood 
than they’d ever been before that day.

As the path narrowed they rounded a bend 
to step into a delicious sight. 
They had grown weary, with stomachs growling, 
the house looked like a tasty delight.

This young duo stood frozen in wonder 
gazing upon a gingerbread house. 
Hetel quipped a nibble could do no harm, 
tried to sneak up, but stepped on a mouse.

He let out a squeak, the mouse, not Hetel, 
as his eyes burst out from their sockets. 
Gransel stooped down to pick each one up and 
deftly stuffed them into her pockets.

The dark chocolate door slowly slid open 
after all of that ruckus they made. 
A gray head of mussed hair slowly poked out 
as an old raspy voice gently bade,

“Come in dear children. Come in have some treats. 
For, what lies within here you’ll love to eat. 
I’ll plump you up with, er, fill your tummies 
with cookies, gumdrops and tasty gummies. 

You’re weary and weak and surely must rest. 
Come now my sweet ones I’ll treat you the best.”

Scooped right up without a chance to deny 
they were soon seated at her table. 

Oddly, their chairs looked like large roasting pans, 
and the two were tied down with cable.

She quickly began to stuff their faces; 
fattening them up to her liking. 

For days this went on with her not knowing 
the ideas they were contriving.

Holding dried bones for the old bat to feel 
they managed to deceive her dim eyes. 

Without feeling plumping Gransel feared, soon, 
the insane kook would have to realize.

“Oh dear old woman who feeds us so well, 
you cannot see and your house, how it smells. 

I tell you, you need someone who can clean 
to tidy this place and make it all gleam. 
I’m sure you don’t want to eat in a mess 
I am a keen maid. To this I profess.”

The witch considered how helpful this was, 
then at last released the small liar; 
ordering her to wash table and floors, 
but to first stoke the fast dying fire.

Approaching the hearth Gransel eyed the logs 
spelling out “pluck me” in vibrant red. 
So, she picked up a charred end in her hand 
laying it upside their captor's head.

She released her brother who eyed the corpse 
proclaiming it should not go to waste. 
For, there was one thing in this wretched house 
that the two of them had yet to taste.

“A shame to leave what is already dead 
when we truly have not been very well fed. 
There’s a reason, to this house, we were led. 
Reckon brains go good with gingerbread?”

I know it is a very long poem but it's so worth it! This is a brilliant dark, twisted fairytale that could have only ever come from the mind of Stephanie Fletcher! Ok, let me explain - Steph is a good friend of mine that I met on Allpoetry years ago. She is a huge dark poetry fan and encouraged me to embrace the dark side (pun intended! lol) 

She saw on Facebook that I was hosting the 'December Giveaway of Silver Threads' and even though she already has 'Silver Threads' she asked if she could still submit some poetry and of course I couldn't pass up this great twisted tale. It has 'Chrsitmassy' elements too, dark elements but they are still there lol

So here is (I hope) the first of many poems featured on the 'December Giveaway' - I hope you enjoy it. 

Stephanie Fletcher is a very gifted poet and still writes on, you can read her poetry under her username of Concrete Angel 

Happy Thursday :)

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