Thursday, 1 November 2012

New Poem of the Month for November - 'As White as Ghosts'

Separated and divided
by colour and silhouettes.
A dropped sin becomes
knowledge and something more
A broken bowl gilded with gold
becomes perfect in its imperfection
and thrown blades find the truth
of an angel with wings of crystal
that ring like wind chimes.
A smile of knowing is all
that keeps her here.

Two swords
one for each word borne
On the other side of the tree lay another season,
filled with blossom and wishful boats,
ready for the harvest.
A dagger marks the line
where a soul is caught in decision.
Go west and find who calms the fire
and find those separated by its heat.

You reach for the sun without knowing
that on the other side someone else
reaches for the moon,
fingers outstretched to whisper to another.
Let the musicians play and carry you
to find a new guise
and let the leaves fall in an undisturbed dance
onto a fair palm.
Dance towards a colourless friendship and see the eye
for what it is;
a rain blushed beauty showing you the way to another
vain girl with hair as white as ghosts .

If winged creatures could write letters
would they use a pen or a sword?
The written word melts to a black ink and forms a demon
thirsting for black thoughts
Childhood is short
and the dolls we play with
become part of the swell of past memories
to walk on their own.
A wind full of petals takes its part in a cutting of crowns
created from midnight waters;
accept the divide
and reach for each other
in the end to become
but a fragment of the whole.

Hello everyone! It's the 1st of the month again so that means a brand new poem and I love this one! 'As White as Ghosts' is inspired by 'Bad Apple' (the video link). For the most part of this year I have been obsessed with this song and I've lost count of the amount of times I've listened to it. Its been stuck in my head for months now, I even find myself singing the words. If a Japanese person could hear me they would probably be grimacing in pain! lol But I just love it all, the video and the song, I couldn't help writing a poem inspired by it. I'm sure that some of my readers who are into anime or Japanese culture will notice some little references that I added to the poem like 'gilding a bowl with gold' which is in reference to Kintsugi and also the references to ghosts which are prevalent in Japanese mythology. I would have to thank Carl for getting me into all things anime, since he is anime mad! lol 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the video and the poem, do you think I have done the song/video justice? :) 


  1. Your poem is lovely, Jade...mystical and enchanting!

    1. Hi Helena, thank you for taking the time to read and comment :) and thank you so much for your lovely compliments. Having my poetry called 'enchanting' is wonderful! It's one of my favourite words as well lol

    2. I like the following line:
      a rain blushed beauty showing you the way to another
      Had my imagination sailing on the midnight waters while contemplating
      Which side was better, the black or the white!
      I decided to stay in the middle and enjoy both sides.
      Extremely nice read thank you for posting.