Tuesday, 20 November 2012

'Dragonflies in Amber' at Scratch @ Fruit

Very exciting news! I entered the first part of the play I am currently writing into a competition. We could enter an excerpt of a play of up to 10 mins - it didn't have to be finished or polished. If they really liked your play it would be read out before a live audience.

Well 'Dragonflies in Amber' (the play I mentioned in the last post) got picked!! It's going to be read out to a live audience, along with loads of others - including my Mum who also entered the play she is currently writing and got chosen too! The congratulations email I received had a personal note saying 'I really like the piece - a really original piece of work'

This is all taking place at Scratch @ Fruit on 11th of December - I now have to find two actresses to play the two main characters in my play, sounds stressful! lol. I don't know if many of my readers are around Hull in East Yorkshire, but I would be happy to see any of you there.

I'm thinking maybe I should change the name of my blog to 'Writing Musings by Jade Kennedy' because my writing career (with a lot of help, support and love from my Mum and the lovely Morgan Sproxton and Tom Wells) is talking me in a lot of different directions that I hadn't even imagined. I'll let you all know more about the story of the play later and also update you all after the big night :)

'I fear I have come here looking for answers that cannot be known to me.' 
From Dragonflies in Amber


  1. Oh, that's brilliant news Jade, it seems this runs in your family too, so give your mother my congrats.
    You wanted 2 actresses to play the main characters, I've got the answer:

    1. Jade Kennedy
    2. Jade's Mother

    How could you not see it Jade? You will know the characters inside/out and will be able to portray what you want others to see and know.

    Congratulations to your both again.

    1. Hi Rum

      Thank you for the congratulations - I have passed them on to my Mum as well. I don't think I'm the right person for the acting! lol (though I did get an acting award when I was 9 for playing the Pope! - Long story lol)

      I think I'll leave it to the professionals :) - Thankfully we are friends with Morgan from the local theatre and she will get us some actors/actresses that know what they are doing! lol