Sunday, 11 November 2012

Automatic Writing #6

'Winter has come this hour, the dusk settled on Autumn and the night lays heavy on a new Winter in the north - where the ground waits in anticipation coated in gold, red, and deep brown leaves, a patchwork quilt of a passing season. 
The days are shortening, the stars see more and more of the northern skyline - magic springs from every falling leaf, every rain tinted gale. The sparkle, too soon, returns to the air. The breath of mortals will soon be visible to all and Winter will hold us all in her awe, too beautiful to describe.'

It's getting really cold now here in Yorkshire and it feels like Winter is knocking at the windows. It's been really lovely watching the trees change colour outside the back of my house. This short piece of automatic writing is about my musings on the turning of Autumn to Winter - I love watching the seasons change and the seasons/nature feature a lot in my poetry. 

There is nothing much to report at the moment but I don't know if any of my readers know yet that Amazon has set up a new feature where 'Prime Members' can borrow ebooks for free! So if anyone is a member you can now borrow 'Silver Threads' for free :) 

I am still plodding along nicely with my many writing projects - my desktop is now covered in different writing files, all half finished lol

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)

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