Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Review of 'Silver Threads' by Rose Drew

'Silver Threads' has had an absolutely fantastic review from Rose Drew. She is the co-owner of Stairwell Books and even though she is American born and bred, lives in the beautiful city of York, here in England (not too far from me).

Her review has blown me away! It has increased my confidence no end.  The review is long and detailed and she has picked out lines and poems that she particularly enjoyed. I really love when readers do this - you can't love every poem in a book, but I really enjoy hearing which ones are your favourites. I even have my own favourites in my poem archive.

'This slim volume of 21 poems, most of delicate length, takes the reader on a journey from shame and regret, through nights of guilt, dark fog and ice, to a resolution of forgiveness and getting on with it. By the end of the collection, we are awash in acceptance for sins that are left unspecified.'

The full review is available to read on One&Other and also on Eclectic Eel - It was the lovely Editor of Eclectic Eel, Nicky Ellam who organised the review for me, so she has my heartfelt thanks and I owe her a drink next time I see her lol.

And of course, a huge thank you to Rose Drew who has given me so much today.


  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful review Jade. Every time I pop over, there is good news better than the last. Keep it up, you worked hard for it. Poetry is not easy task. :)

    1. Hi Rum,

      Thank you so much for the congratulations. You are always welcome when you pop by. I hope I can keep the good news coming and my lucky streak continues. :)