Friday, 5 October 2012

Review of 'Silver Threads' by Casee Marie of Literary Inklings

When I said in 'New Poem of the Month for October' that this is my lucky month, and  that I was looking forward to what it might bring - I didn't think it would all come so fast! 'Silver Threads' has received another amazing review from Casee Marie of Literary Inklings. 

'Her works deal with simple and deeply honest reality, but they also explore the gentle and all-encompassing power of imagination, taking basic thoughts into new realms and moving her audience to consider the everyday in a different, more magical light.'

I still feel a bit in shock, but I am so thrilled and excited that 'Silver Threads' seems to be touching everyone that reads it :) You can read the whole review on Literary Inklings, also on the 'Silver Threads' Amazon page and on Goodreads.

A huge thank you to Casee Marie for a wonderful review. I am bracing myself now for what the rest of October has to offer lol 

Happy, happy Friday everyone.

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