Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Prose Pieces - Trees

'She taught me languages, by calling into the air in German, Swedish, Norwegian, rolling her northern dialect off her tongue effortlessly. She told me once that her eyes were from her Viking heritage, they were a lush green with hints of copper and silver, rimmed with a band of rich hazel. I believed her, I believed every word she said. Her mother was Russian, a tall willowy woman with smooth pale hands. She spoke with a lisp and always absently stroked the side of her face when she was nervous and had a laugh that sounded like a prayer, hollow and darkly warm. Her father was Swedish, he told me he had been born with brine in his veins, told me stories of ice across lakes as far as the eye could see and of his games on the ice and the time death missed his hand when he was a foolish light-eyed lad of thirteen. He sailed for a living and his arms were solid and heavy. His hair was cropped short, a dancing play of light between red and wet sand, eyelashes so fair they looked to be dusted with ice crystals, as if he had walked out of a fairytale wood and never looked back.'

As I promised in my last post here is 'Trees' - One of my first attempts at writing prose. I have continued writing 'Trees' and I am thinking that it might be the beginning of a story but this first part is the only 'polished' bit I have so far. I love the imagery in this and it was really lovely to write, I enjoy writing descriptions and emotions. I'm also fascinated with other cultures and loved including different languages and ancestry.

Tying in nicely with the topic of ancestry is the story that I am writing with Carl. We haven't named it yet and are unsure of the genre - it's leaning more towards a Steampunk story but I don't want to tie it down just yet. It's based loosely on our real life ancestors and is a joy to write with him. At the moment it's just a project for me and him to get the creative juices flowing but who knows maybe I will post the first few paragraphs on here and you can all tell me what you think. 
I'm hoping the flow of creativity will get stronger still since I am now signed up with a females writers group, this is based mainly around script/play writing but the class is made up of women writers from all aspects of the writing world.  It's wonderful to connect with like minded people :) I learned why this group was set up in the last class - only 17% of new theatre a year in the UK is written by women! It's a shocking statistic and it's about time this changed! 

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