Monday, 1 October 2012

New Poem of the Month for October - Paper Tree

Paper Tree

You said
that I, as subtle as Autumn
dried out the leaves
starved them of love
faded them to a brittle gold
all on a cold starless whim.
But you never wanted to see
that the leaves were
ornate tissue paper,
the bark flaking paint.

The light wood,
nothing more than tightly rolled parchment
The whole copper tinted woods
a lie fused to a mirage.
Many winters back you refused
to plant the very seed
that would have replaced this
paper tree, in this printed wood.
The ground beneath lays cold and untouched
and I cannot neglect that which is not real.

Wow, I can't believe that it's October already - where has the year gone! I just love Autumn it's my favourite season, I love all the leaves turning and falling, the dark crisp nights and that unmistakable smell of Autumn in the air. This is why I have chosen 'Paper Tree' for this month's New Poem of the Month. I love trees and I love Autumn, so it's a great combination. Actually October is my favourite month, I don't know if anyone else has a favourite month or it's just me!? lol It's always seems to be my lucky month, things tend to happen for me in October, so we shall wait and see if this month lives up to its reputation.

'Paper Tree' is a bit of a dark-ish poem but I think it has great imagery and atmosphere, it's a bit difficult to explain what it is about and what inspired me. I'd love to hear what my readers think it's about :)

There are a few things coming up this month, The Universe Inside: Poetry Anthology is now available in paperback from Amazon. 'Silver Threads' will be getting reviewed this month, I received an email the other day saying that the review will be on her blog within the next week or so. My poem 'Expectations' will be in the 3rd issue of Eclectic Eel (a fantastic Hull-based zine) and my poem 'Static' will be in the 2nd issue of Brevity Poetry Review. I promise to post some links when they are live.

Happy Monday everyone and fingers crossed for me that this is MY month :)

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