Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween! - Carved Smile

Carved from firm orange flesh,
destined to glare relentlessly
with hollow transfixed eyes
and an illuminated smile of knowing.

Sculpted to honour the day of the dead
when mortals meet the afterlife,
if only for one night
their worlds collide.

A lantern to guide restless ghosts
down the well trodden path
to the hereafter.
When the night has broken
and pale November sunlight
bleaches everything it touches
with a silk-thin frozen mist,
the pumpkin wilts
to nothing more than a rotten careless smirk.

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! :) I thought I'd share 'Carved Smile' with you all on this creepy day since it's all about its most famous icon. I wrote this for a competition on a few years ago now and it's also one of the poems in 'Silver Threads' 

I don't really celebrate Halloween. It isn't really that big of a deal here in the UK but it is getting more popular every year. I do enjoy all the mythology and root traditions around it though and carving pumpkins is very interesting (I've done it once and I wasn't very good at it!) lol 

In other poetry/writing news I am really looking forward to tomorrow's 'New Poem of the Month for November' - I hope I have a few anime fans amongst my followers who will really love the video that will be included with it. Also, I said in an earlier post that I am involved in a female writers group and really enjoying it - in the last class we met the lovely, talented Tom Wells. I know it's a female writers group but he came to talk to us about the ins and outs of play writing. I got talking to him and he later came on here and read my poetry and automatic writings. He sent me an email telling me that my writing is 'beautiful' and 'the voices you write are so captivating' - I can't tell you how much this made my week :)

If any of my followers are in the UK or closer to Yorkshire, his 2011 play 'The Kitchen Sink' begins this week (2nd-17th of November) at Hull Truck Theatre -
 The Kitchen Sink by Tom Wells

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