Thursday, 11 October 2012

Automatic Writing #5

'The very last of Summer's sun is made up of last year's forgotten fragments, falling gently to form a layer of the past only a few inches thick and as golden yellow as your promises. It can grow an empire, one that solidifies water and makes the waves new towering cities, lined with pale blue-veined porcelain. I would love to see this and maybe one day I would be brave enough to venture into your world, with its tall vines that grow across the dome of the skyline -  watch the flocks of birds that don’t exist in my world, with their feathers, long and slim in an unknown colour. 

'How can you live in such wonder?'...

He whispered, 'How can you live without it?'

His question hurt, he showed me in just a few words that all that breathes in my world doesn't need to. I should feed the creatures that bring joy instead of feeding myself and ignoring their pleas. I felt a deep purple shame and he told me that butterflies could see better than me, butterflies can ride an emotion better than me, and that I was like a whale - filling my lungs with sorrow and sinking to the depths, feeling the pressure crush me and smiling, repeating that I deserved this, that I want this, that this darkness and pain is life and I should be forever grateful. I shook my head in grief and he handed me a small cup of sweet tea, told me to concentrate on the present, to go colourful again and have fun.'

It's a gorgeously perfect Autumn day here in Yorkshire and life is good! My poem 'Static' is now on Poetry Brevity Review and 'Expectations' is now in Issue 3 of Eclectic Eel. Things have calmed down a bit now since the whirlwind of activity at the start of the month but things are still moving forwards.

I hope you all enjoy this offering of my automatic writings. I realised that I hadn't put an excerpt on for a month, so here is a new one :). My favourite line is the dialogue in the middle, I am still thinking of some ways to write that quote somewhere interesting, maybe with chalk on a wall (you know I like doing stuff like that lol) So watch this space.

I have been working on my automatic writings, trying to turn them into prose pieces. I have two already called 'Trees' and 'Innocent' - I am really enjoying writing them and have even sent them off to an online zine for consideration (fingers crossed) I think I will share 'Trees' on a future post sometime this month so watch out for that. 

Happy Wednesday :)

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