Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Updates on New Poetry Books - The Purple Tree

Artwork by Julie Kennedy ~

Play reaches the habits most needed for intellectual growth. 
~ Bruno Bettelheim 

If any of you have read the 'About Me' section you will know that alongside promoting 'Silver Threads' I am working on putting together two new poetry collections called 'Sun Square Neptune' and 'Art and Poetry from the Purple Tree', which I just shorten to 'The Purple Tree'

I wanted to keep you all informed as to how they are progressing - share some insights into the inspiration behind them and snippets from the poetry. 'The Purple Tree' was inspired by an idea to make an adult fairy tale, though not an actually fairy tale story, the poetry in it is spiritual and nature orientated, exploring myths, legends and fantasy. Some of the names of the poems in the book are - 'The Green Man', 'Midnight Fae' (which has been on the blog in the past) and 'Casting the Stones' (a snippet of which is below). My Mum (she is the Art in 'The Purple Tree') and I have been playing with the idea of calling this style of poetry/writing - Fae Fiction. I would love to know your thoughts on this idea and the entire idea of the book. 

The beginning of 'Casting the Stones'

I wrote my story on a pebble
and in a fluid, sinuous movement,
cast it across the endless green sea.
Its ripples ran deep underneath the surface
carrying the silver pennies of a glittering tide,
hugging the coastlines,
growing to become a whispering tidal swell.

'Casting the Stones' is quite a long poem for me, I usually write short poems but this one has seven stanzas. I remember writing it this summer, I just sat and wrote the whole thing, one stanza flowing into the next and not stopping until it was finished.

I know that it has been a week since my last blog post, but there has been nothing happening! All quiet on the western front! Still no word on when the paperback 'Silver Threads' will be available, but in other news I have had it featured on the blog of Kalyan Panja, called Heaven's Garden and she is in India! It's a lovely thought that I might have some Asian fans soon :)

Happy Wednesday.


  1. That's a lovely poem, and I like the idea you've come up with for this genre of poetry and writing. It's intriguing! I also like the Purple Trees painting...did a relative of yours paint it?

    1. Hi Helena

      Thank you for the compliments and my Mum is the amazing artist who painted the trees :)