Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Universe Inside - Poetry Anthology

As Within

It was a languid feeling,
like having fish swim up my veins.
Their gossamer tails
settled like lace over
an emotion that I feared to name.

Then I felt stars pinprick the
inside of my palms,
the infinite blackness of space
laying lightly across my back.

I felt lilies press against the curve of my ribs
and I knew that only I
could feel like this
when left alone in a deafening silence.

Hello everyone, 
Just a quick post to share the poetry anthology that my poem (above) is in. If you remember in an earlier post I said I had entered a poetry competition on a Facebook group ~the groups owner, Eva, decided that all the poems entered were fantastic and she wanted to make this anthology. At the moment it is only available on Amazon but a paperback version will be ready on the 5th of October via Createspace.  I will feature a link when that is available, don't worry :) Also 30% of the proceeds will be donated to The Whole Planet Foundation and The World Wildlife Trust. 

I hope you enjoy 'As Within' ~ I think it might become another one of my favourites. I am very pleased with myself at creating such beautiful imagery lol *smug face*. I have had one hell of a good week and managed to get myself another review acceptance for 'Silver Threads' ~ this one won't be until December/January but still I think something must be working for me! 

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