Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Illusionist

She wore a black top hat,
wrapped in a silk skin like midnight.
She wove your innermost fantasies
in the dark air,
intermingling whites and blondes
and set them free with a dove from each hand.

She never forgot your name.
Even though you coloured her
nothing more than a black and white illusionist

I think I might have to start a new section on here very soon called 'Inspired by...' since more and more of my poems are being inspired by books, sometimes films or programs but mainly books! I think if anyone has read 'The Night Circus' they might be able to recognise the inspiration behind 'The Illusionist' pretty fast. It is a wonderful, magical book that had me gripped from start to finish, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to dabble in a bit of magic! :) I instantly loved the author Erin Morgenstern after visiting her website and reading the first line of her 'About Me' page - 

"I'm a Cancerian with a Leo Moon and Taurus rising and yes, I know what all of that means."

Yes, I know what all that means too,  and if anyone is interested I'm an Aquarian with a Scorpio Moon and Virgo rising. When I read that I thought what an interesting thing to say instead of the usual 'my name is and I was educated here etc. (think I might have to edit my own 'about me' page now!) lol. If she ever got to read my inspired poem I hope she would enjoy it. 

Happy Wednesday :)

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