Thursday, 13 September 2012

Poetry News and Rumi

Art by Julie Kennedy

 "Do not feel lonely, the entire        universe is inside you."

'It was a languid feeling,

like having fish swim up my veins.

Their gossamer tails
settled like lace over
an emotion that I feared to name.'
                                         From 'As Within'

I'm afraid today's post is a bit of a random 'odds and ends' kinda thing since nothing is happening! I swear the whole world has fallen asleep lol I don't have much news to tell you all. I'm sorry if anyone is waiting for the paperback of 'Silver Threads' I still haven't heard anything new, but if you go on Amazon it says that the paperback version is available for £6, but that it's out of stock - it gives you an option to pre-order though :) I can't wait until it's printed and I can hold it in my hands, there's nothing better then a 'real' book, especially when you have written it - it makes it all the nicer. Also when it is printed expect a cheesy photo of me on here with an ecstatic grin.

The poem snippet above is from a new one I wrote the other day called 'As Within.' I wrote it (in about 10 minutes, but don't tell anyone! lol) for a Facebook poetry group competition that I'm a fan of. We had to write a poem of any length inspired by the Rumi quote. If you want to see the whole poem go to Poehemian Poetry Contest 

I hope next time I will have some more exciting news for you all and I know now that you will all be looking forward to that cheesy pic I promised! :)

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