Saturday, 1 September 2012

New Poem of the Month for September - My Clockwork Heart

I am still a child with a keyhole shaped heart,
darkness at its centre
and flame hardened metals
that taste of grey coals and warm ashes

That key that was mine,
moulded in soft silvers the shape
of a clockwork mouse,
its wheels and gears,
sharp with ticking memories
and unspent copper pennies

Ran away on a Friday,
chasing overcast bronzed reflections.

I think anyone who reads this blog could tell that I was really excited about this month's 'New Poem of the Month'. 'My Clockwork Heart' is my first offering of Steampunk Poetry! I really do think that I have created a new genre, I even asked some avid Steampunk readers on Goodreads and they had never heard of it :) I am loving this new genre of mine and I have already written a few more. Some of the excerpts have found their way on to my Twitter and Facebook, so it's only fair - here is a sneaky peek at some more of my Steampunk poetry;

'His skin was turning a darker shade of iron,

his irises widening,
forming numerals
on the white face of a glass pocket watch'

I think I am enjoying experimenting with Steampunk so much because it is a mix between science fiction and history (mainly Victorian).  You all know that I love history but I do quite like a bit of sci-fi as well, especially Star Trek :) I hope you all enjoy this poem because there will be plenty more in the coming months since I can't seem to stop writing it! 

In other news, I have to apologise. I have said in earlier posts that the paperback of 'Silver Threads' would be available in August, well it's now September - so that didn't happen. I will let you all know when my publisher gets in touch and can tell me an exact date. I hope you will all bear with me and save your pennies until then and buy the lovely 'Silver Threads' - P.S Thinking of Christmas prezzies? 'Silver Threads' would make a great present for that poetry lover in your life! :) (I had to get that in didn't I?)

Also I have had my guest post featured on the great blog Behind a Million and One Pages , my guest post is entitled 'Poetry and Me.'  I hope you check it out and find out a bit more about me and how I came to write poetry. Thanks to Gina to putting in on her blog.

Happy Saturday, have a fab weekend everyone. 


  1. I liked your steampunk poem a lot and I'd like to read more of them =) I really do think you have something new here. I'm so happy that so many people are writing steampunk now. I'm working on a novel myself so I'm excited about that (you can find my protagonist on Facebook by going to my blog ;) . It really is a very fun genre to work with.

    1. Hi Hazel,

      It's great to see a comment from a Goodreads friend and thank you so much for becoming a follower. Don't worry there will be loads of new steampunk poems on here soon enough as I am loving experimenting with the genre :)

    2. I actually thought I had followed your blog before, because I know I had looked at it, but it seems not. Now though I will enjoy seeing the things you post next =)

    3. Well its great to have you as a follower and I hope you enjoy my future posts :)

  2. Your poem really evoked a smoldering sense of longing or disappointment; very nice work, Jade! I will have to look up what Steampunk is, but I think it's wonderful that you've created your own poetry genre. You're a busy woman: blogging, putting out a book, guest blogging...livin' the dream ;-)

    1. Thank you for the compliments Helena. To be honest I wish I was more busy! lol and I'm not quite living the dream yet, but I've got my fingers crossed :)