Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Universe Inside - Poetry Anthology

As Within

It was a languid feeling,
like having fish swim up my veins.
Their gossamer tails
settled like lace over
an emotion that I feared to name.

Then I felt stars pinprick the
inside of my palms,
the infinite blackness of space
laying lightly across my back.

I felt lilies press against the curve of my ribs
and I knew that only I
could feel like this
when left alone in a deafening silence.

Hello everyone, 
Just a quick post to share the poetry anthology that my poem (above) is in. If you remember in an earlier post I said I had entered a poetry competition on a Facebook group ~the groups owner, Eva, decided that all the poems entered were fantastic and she wanted to make this anthology. At the moment it is only available on Amazon but a paperback version will be ready on the 5th of October via Createspace.  I will feature a link when that is available, don't worry :) Also 30% of the proceeds will be donated to The Whole Planet Foundation and The World Wildlife Trust. 

I hope you enjoy 'As Within' ~ I think it might become another one of my favourites. I am very pleased with myself at creating such beautiful imagery lol *smug face*. I have had one hell of a good week and managed to get myself another review acceptance for 'Silver Threads' ~ this one won't be until December/January but still I think something must be working for me! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Poetry News and Pablo Neruda

I grew up in this town, 
my poetry was born between the hill and the river, 
it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber,
             it steeped itself in the forests. 
                                                                  Pablo Neruda

I finally have some news! Just in case you are holding your breath ~ no it's not about the paperback version of 'Silver Threads' but about my amazing little ebook that has been accepted for review three times in 2 days! I called this Bus Logic on Twitter! lol Nothing for ages and ages and then three come along at once. The first two are from a list of book bloggers who review poetry, sent to me by the lovely Emma Ramos (who has interviewed me on her blog before). One is from Ohio in the US and the other is from Delhi in India - I'm getting all over the world. :) The third reviewer is based in the UK and actually in my own neck of the woods, beautiful Yorkshire and was recommended to me by a friend. I won't say too much about the blogs/websites as yet, I'll let you all know when the reviews are live and share the links when I hear back from them. I don't know any time-frame yet, since the book bloggers are a busy lot and all have a 'to-be-read list' as long as their arm. 

I decided that I wanted to include the amazing Pablo Neruda along with my poetry news today since he is my favourite poet! I wish I could write like him, I think he was a word-genius. So I went googling him and discovered that he died 39 years ago today! I think it was a sign to finally have his beautiful quotes/poetry on my blog, so there he is. I really love this quote and it's so humbling to think of poetry as born from nature and beauty.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Updates on New Poetry Books - The Purple Tree

Artwork by Julie Kennedy ~ http://www.juliekennedyart.co.uk

Play reaches the habits most needed for intellectual growth. 
~ Bruno Bettelheim 

If any of you have read the 'About Me' section you will know that alongside promoting 'Silver Threads' I am working on putting together two new poetry collections called 'Sun Square Neptune' and 'Art and Poetry from the Purple Tree', which I just shorten to 'The Purple Tree'

I wanted to keep you all informed as to how they are progressing - share some insights into the inspiration behind them and snippets from the poetry. 'The Purple Tree' was inspired by an idea to make an adult fairy tale, though not an actually fairy tale story, the poetry in it is spiritual and nature orientated, exploring myths, legends and fantasy. Some of the names of the poems in the book are - 'The Green Man', 'Midnight Fae' (which has been on the blog in the past) and 'Casting the Stones' (a snippet of which is below). My Mum (she is the Art in 'The Purple Tree') and I have been playing with the idea of calling this style of poetry/writing - Fae Fiction. I would love to know your thoughts on this idea and the entire idea of the book. 

The beginning of 'Casting the Stones'

I wrote my story on a pebble
and in a fluid, sinuous movement,
cast it across the endless green sea.
Its ripples ran deep underneath the surface
carrying the silver pennies of a glittering tide,
hugging the coastlines,
growing to become a whispering tidal swell.

'Casting the Stones' is quite a long poem for me, I usually write short poems but this one has seven stanzas. I remember writing it this summer, I just sat and wrote the whole thing, one stanza flowing into the next and not stopping until it was finished.

I know that it has been a week since my last blog post, but there has been nothing happening! All quiet on the western front! Still no word on when the paperback 'Silver Threads' will be available, but in other news I have had it featured on the blog of Kalyan Panja, called Heaven's Garden and she is in India! It's a lovely thought that I might have some Asian fans soon :)

Happy Wednesday.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Poetry News and Rumi

Art by Julie Kennedy

 "Do not feel lonely, the entire        universe is inside you."

'It was a languid feeling,

like having fish swim up my veins.

Their gossamer tails
settled like lace over
an emotion that I feared to name.'
                                         From 'As Within'

I'm afraid today's post is a bit of a random 'odds and ends' kinda thing since nothing is happening! I swear the whole world has fallen asleep lol I don't have much news to tell you all. I'm sorry if anyone is waiting for the paperback of 'Silver Threads' I still haven't heard anything new, but if you go on Amazon it says that the paperback version is available for £6, but that it's out of stock - it gives you an option to pre-order though :) I can't wait until it's printed and I can hold it in my hands, there's nothing better then a 'real' book, especially when you have written it - it makes it all the nicer. Also when it is printed expect a cheesy photo of me on here with an ecstatic grin.

The poem snippet above is from a new one I wrote the other day called 'As Within.' I wrote it (in about 10 minutes, but don't tell anyone! lol) for a Facebook poetry group competition that I'm a fan of. We had to write a poem of any length inspired by the Rumi quote. If you want to see the whole poem go to Poehemian Poetry Contest 

I hope next time I will have some more exciting news for you all and I know now that you will all be looking forward to that cheesy pic I promised! :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Automatic Writing #4

'It’s making me think of those days in the garden when I felt like everything would stay the same, that the people there would stay frozen, mid conversation and that I was safe. But safety is a golden coated illusion, it’s never quite tangible and I was fooled into believing that the sky would always be cloudy, that the sky had always been cloudy and how strange of me to wonder how it had come to be. 
They gave me a coat coloured with madness and it dripped a trail down the garden path. I wanted so much for it to rain so then I could see the droplets with my own eyes and feel them run down my face, but they would have just told me I was making things up. They could have stood in that rain and been soaked to the skin, feeling it wind its way through their pores and they would have denied me - or maybe it would never touch a fine hair on their heads for fear of being ignored.
Too quiet. If quiet was a colour it would be blue, a light blue with white words written on it spelling out a sleeping spell and all that read it would sit and fold away like paper into a white powdered sleep. Maybe they would dream of my garden, in black and white, and see me walking between the silent statues, shaking them slowly, repeating over and over that the rains are coming, that the gates will open and the walls will overflow.'

Memories fascinate me. I think this is the main theme of this piece of automatic writing. I am intrigued as to how memories fade and decay. The older I get the more I am realising things about my childhood and how, as a child, you remember every detail, you know every nook and cranny of where you live, you can remember conversations and people's faces clearly (I hope that's not just me! lol). The belief as a child that everything will stay the same, that innocent trust that everything is as it should be and nothing will change. It's a thought that keeps haunting me now, that places I knew intimately as a child, aren't there anymore. I suppose I am just noticing the passing of time, but it's strange how the little things can show this all the more bluntly. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Illusionist

She wore a black top hat,
wrapped in a silk skin like midnight.
She wove your innermost fantasies
in the dark air,
intermingling whites and blondes
and set them free with a dove from each hand.

She never forgot your name.
Even though you coloured her
nothing more than a black and white illusionist

I think I might have to start a new section on here very soon called 'Inspired by...' since more and more of my poems are being inspired by books, sometimes films or programs but mainly books! I think if anyone has read 'The Night Circus' they might be able to recognise the inspiration behind 'The Illusionist' pretty fast. It is a wonderful, magical book that had me gripped from start to finish, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to dabble in a bit of magic! :) I instantly loved the author Erin Morgenstern after visiting her website and reading the first line of her 'About Me' page - 

"I'm a Cancerian with a Leo Moon and Taurus rising and yes, I know what all of that means."

Yes, I know what all that means too,  and if anyone is interested I'm an Aquarian with a Scorpio Moon and Virgo rising. When I read that I thought what an interesting thing to say instead of the usual 'my name is and I was educated here etc. (think I might have to edit my own 'about me' page now!) lol. If she ever got to read my inspired poem I hope she would enjoy it. 

Happy Wednesday :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

New Poem of the Month for September - My Clockwork Heart


I am still a child with a keyhole shaped heart,
darkness at its centre
and flame hardened metals
that taste of grey coals and warm ashes

That key that was mine,
moulded in soft silvers the shape
of a clockwork mouse,
its wheels and gears,
sharp with ticking memories
and unspent copper pennies

Ran away on a Friday,
chasing overcast bronzed reflections.

I think anyone who reads this blog could tell that I was really excited about this month's 'New Poem of the Month'. 'My Clockwork Heart' is my first offering of Steampunk Poetry! I really do think that I have created a new genre, I even asked some avid Steampunk readers on Goodreads and they had never heard of it :) I am loving this new genre of mine and I have already written a few more. Some of the excerpts have found their way on to my Twitter and Facebook, so it's only fair - here is a sneaky peek at some more of my Steampunk poetry;

'His skin was turning a darker shade of iron,

his irises widening,
forming numerals
on the white face of a glass pocket watch'

I think I am enjoying experimenting with Steampunk so much because it is a mix between science fiction and history (mainly Victorian).  You all know that I love history but I do quite like a bit of sci-fi as well, especially Star Trek :) I hope you all enjoy this poem because there will be plenty more in the coming months since I can't seem to stop writing it! 

In other news, I have to apologise. I have said in earlier posts that the paperback of 'Silver Threads' would be available in August, well it's now September - so that didn't happen. I will let you all know when my publisher gets in touch and can tell me an exact date. I hope you will all bear with me and save your pennies until then and buy the lovely 'Silver Threads' - P.S Thinking of Christmas prezzies? 'Silver Threads' would make a great present for that poetry lover in your life! :) (I had to get that in didn't I?)

Also I have had my guest post featured on the great blog Behind a Million and One Pages , my guest post is entitled 'Poetry and Me.'  I hope you check it out and find out a bit more about me and how I came to write poetry. Thanks to Gina to putting in on her blog.

Happy Saturday, have a fab weekend everyone.