Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Poem of the Month for August - The Daydreamer

Within these dusty,
                         daily thoughts
lives a flight of fancy
A fantastic notion to be free
To run away with the rain clouds,
to go with them where ever they go

This waking dream of mine, 
                                       knows nothing of limitations
It paints the sky with possibility
It sees what can never be imagined

I am a daydreamer

'The Daydreamer' very nearly made it into 'Silver Threads' 

I think this poem will appeal to everyone, since we are all daydreamers. I would love to hear from my readers of any daydreams you have and what you think they say about you as a person. I remember when I used to daydream at school that I could stop time and would wonder what I would do if it ever happened. These daydreams usually entailed me walking out of school or causing trouble, writing swear words on the walls and no-one would know how they suddenly appeared! lol   - that sort of thing.

In other news I am still writing away and always will be, but I seem to be in more of a reading mood at the moment and have 6 books on the go! 2 poetry books, 2 historical fiction, a book of Irish short stories and a self-help book.

Happy Wednesday :)

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