Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Love of History

The Bitterness of Kings 

He sat facing the amber light from the fire, a sleek greyish black hound curled near his feet, stretching and snoozing in the warmth.
He was slowly turning the pages of his latest rare possession, the velum pages turning over crisply, the gold from the illumined pages flickered with scenes of life, he stroked the image of a divine king and smiled in his crooked, vulpine way.
Ever since he could remember he had longed for this, he swore to himself that those that had mocked him would stand in fear under his reign.
He idly touched his bearded face, his hands heavy with rings, each finger adorned with vast wealth.
It would never be enough, all this gold and wealth was nothing to what his deceitful barons kept from him, he was sure they lied to him, their so-called innocent faces never faltering as they denied him his rights; I am the anointed King and they dare to talk behind their filthy hands about my lack of honour!
He swallowed his bitterness, it always held more venom when it was controlled, hardened into a swift, blade edge of aggression directed at the throat of some well deserving grovelling subject.


He had crept into the church before the sun had even dimly lit the horizon. His hands, clasped in prayer, held to his blistering lips, stumbling over his words of frantic devotion and heartfelt pleas. The world was on its knees, the pillars were crumbling and all around him were the dying, dead and hopeless. Tears spiked his thick lashes and rolled down his cheeks, it was all too much to bear. How could anyone live, feeling like death was everywhere, like a yellow bile lingering on every pock marked face and every polished stone. The repetition of the beads through his worn hands was highlighted by the rising sun, illuminating a stained glass window of the Saints' lives.

Even though this blog is called 'Poetry Musings' I have sometimes included writing on here that isn't poetry or poetic in anyway! lol But people are a combination of all sorts of interests and beliefs and so am I. If I'm not writing, I'm reading and I know that this is very common  amongst writers. My books of choice are poetry books and historical fiction. I wanted to share my history based writings and share a bit more about myself, away from my love of poetry.

'The Bitterness of Kings' is loosely based on King John (1199 -1216) probably best known for losing some of his royal treasures in The Wash and being the bad King in Robin Hood. I think he was a complex man, very insecure! He was called 'John Lackland' simply because he was the youngest son and no one believed he would ever have any power, let alone one day become King. 

'Prayer' is based on the plague/black death. If anyone knew me as a child they would agree that I was obsessed with the plague! The first time I heard about it (probably at school) I was captivated. The notion of a vast plague killing off people in their millions and no way to stop it was just incredible to me. Even now I like virus-end-of-the-world films and love watching medical documentaries. What fascinates me most about the plague is wanting to understand what psychological damage living in a dying world did to the God-fearing medieval mind.

Rebel Heiress by Fiona Mountain
I am reading 'Rebel Heiress' by Fiona Mountain right now and it's an amazingly interesting read. I don't think it is based on a 'real' people but the events that the main characters are involved in are real. It explores what it would have been like to be an intelligent women in the late 1600s. If the main character was alive and kicking today she would surely have become a scientist. I love books that feature women and their struggle against a male dominated world. I wonder what some women could have become if they hadn't lived in a society that demanded that they were nothing more then pretty objects, cooks and baby makers. It's a sad fact that this sometimes still has an effect on women to this day.

I hope you have enjoyed having a peek into the history obsessed part of me :) lol Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Just to correct myself on this post. The characters in 'Rebel Heiress' are real. My mistake was to search for her as 'Eleanor Goodricke (her maiden name).
    I have just finished the book and it was great, made even better that the main character Eleanor Glanville was real and has a beautiful butterfly named after her. She was deemed mad when she died and her own son tried to overturn her will. Sad end for a fascinating woman :)