Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's been Six Months...

Six months ago today (and on a Wednesday too!) I finally got married to Carl! I wanted to share my happy memories of that day and also some snippets from poems that have been inspired by Carl, they say that love is the greatest muse! :)

'I fell for you when the story began.
                                      The moving pictures lit our path to take

and it made my dark blood tingle.'                                                                                      

From Essence of Orange (Silver Threads)

I wore a green dress and Carl wore a purple shirt. I made my own bouquet of white roses and irises (even though the florist said it would 'look stupid' - I showed him! lol) It was a really lovely day, it was a small wedding with just the important people to witness it. I didn't realise how different Carl and me really were until after the wedding, I mean people talk about having a 'different' wedding - something that is uniquely them, but how many people really go through with it!? They all seem to end up having the same 'off the peg' wedding - just like everyone else. Examples - everyone usually has champagne or wine afterwards but Carl and me wanted Vodka! lol 

'Enfolded into,
                his arms, his
                                scent of sugared dark earth

                                                          His taste of,
                                                                        fresh salted caramel.'
                                                                                   'Sanctuary' 2012

So I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit more about me and my Wedding, here is to the next six months! :) We chose to get married on  Leap Year Day and won't have a proper anniversary until 2016! but I can promise you that when out 'first' anniversary comes around we will have a big celebration. Below is the video of 'our song', we chose all our own music for after the wedding and this one is my favourites! None of that classical mush for me. It's quite atmospheric and a bit dark, but what better for a poets Wedding! 'Blue Jeans' by Lana Del Rey is just fantastic, enjoy :)


loves most,
a story


  1. Congratulations that you have got through to 6 months of marriage. I love unique weddings tailored to the couple's individual tastes, after all, it's a day that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. Vodka sounds good too :)

    One of my colleagues had a wedding cake made up of pure different cheese's, a different type cheese layered on top of one another, it looked amazing.

    Well, I'll have a drink tonight for you both. Congrats again.

    1. Hi Rum,

      Thank you for the congratulations :) I have always admired people who get married underwater or get everyone to dress up as clowns for their wedding or whatever! I love it when they are unique, weddings don't have to be all the same and serious!

      A real 'cheesecake' sounds amazing! That's obviously a unique twist, why always have cake eh?