Sunday, 26 August 2012

Believe in Something ...

Yes that is my hand! The very hand that writes all the fantastic poetry and writings on here! lol (egotistical moment over with now)  

I really enjoy experimenting with writing my poetry and other quotes on different things, like skin for example! Also in earlier posts I have used some of Carl's artwork and tried my hand at some gothic 'Tim Burton' style handwriting to show off my poetry in a new and interesting light. I think I will be trying some more of these writing experiments, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you. 

The quote written across my hand is from some of my automatic writing. It sounds like an amazing quote to me, maybe it will become a famous quote and become a Facebook picture quote, probably with a picture of dolphins behind it or kittens or something! :) That would be fun and secure my place in immortality (if it's not already secured!) 

In other news I have had one of my new poems called 'Static' accepted for a poetry ezine! I will let you all know more when closer to the date (I won't be featured until the October edition) and I will keep you all informed with the progress of the paperback version of 'Silver Threads' 

Have an amazing Bank Holiday Weekend everyone 


  1. You wrote this quote? I love it and hope you continue writing them. Good news also that your poems have been accepted as well.

    Jade, you are climbing that successful ladder fast and with great confidence. Well done mate and keep up the good work. Just remember your ole blogging buddy when you are famous and in with the 'in crowd'. ha ha ha

    1. Hi Rum

      Never fear I will never forget my ole blogging buddies :) Yeah I did write that quote and I glad you like it, I like it too lol I am hoping that I am climbing the successful ladder and don't worry even if I get to the top I don't ever think I'll be cool enough to be with the 'in crowd' :)

  2. Jade, Congratulations on your poem being accepted! I love what you've written on your hand, and I love the idea of writing poetry on things other than paper. Very cool! :-)

    1. Hi Helena

      Thank you so much for the congratulations :) and I'm glad that you love the idea of writing poetry anywhere, I'll see what I can come up with next.