Sunday, 5 August 2012

Automatic Writing #2

He admitted he was lost only when she curled his thoughts within a rose, a rose that flowered only under a waxing moon and was the colour of fresh stars. She let him stay with her and the colour red under a willow tree in the rain, the rain sounded like pebbles hitting a placid pond and causing slow ripples of consequence. She had eyes like chipped obsidian and laughed often at the words that fell from his speech and lay heavy on the blue grass, drunk and noxious. Sweet songs of sweet July, played out by an orchestra far away, up high on clouds paved with juicy tempting shades.

I could not and would not be her anymore, in any way, with or without her smoke, her beautiful illusion, her confusion, delusions. To me she was a man, with the spirit of a man and the ties of a man, born under the tithes of a man and still she yearned to give and receive without faith. I want to be a flower in your garden, lounging against a warm bed, next to a golden rose, sleep under the stars and dream of Tudor England and that time we were together and free to please each other. No don’t do it Freya, don’t give him the time of the sunrise and sunset, for he will abandon the tides and all the world shall know your lies. You are too trusting to fall against his ridged form, be like the wind, drift away onto another landscape. I fear that many are too late to see the comet burn a path across the sky and view the stars, chase after its glory and fill the gaps it left behind in its journey from here to immortality. Weep with me for stone coloured people and forgive them their fears, they are broken vases of a miracle’s pure image and they deserve not pity, just honesty.    

I am getting quite a large collection of automatic writings now. I am thoroughly enjoying writing them and quite surprised at what comes out. Some of the imagery is fantastic, even if I do say so myself. As I said last time I posted some of my automatic writings, some of this could end up in a new  poem.
Sometimes I worry myself though, that I can just sit down and start writing and this is what comes forth! This is probably what is flowing around in my mind day after day! It's making me start to ask 'Am I really quite with reality?' but then who would want to be if they could choose! lol

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend :)

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