Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I was falling into dreaming,
of a lush desert,
with starlight blue cacti.

I was enveloped
in their tribal, astral aroma
                             when I saw you,
as a part of the moonlight
on the burnt desert sand.

You pointed to the constellations,
                                 named them.
They formed a compass.
A zodiac without a sense of north
wandering fearfully across its cloth of sky.

We were lost together,
warmed from the outside in.
Our voices withheld,
for there was too much to share
under a moon that has no place.

I entered 'Starlight' into the Bridlington Poetry Competition this year, I didn't win anything.

I really love the light and airiness of this poem and it is one of my Mum's all time favourites. I write a lot about stars, dreaming etc. I don't like to write about the mundane parts of life. What better subject is there to write about than dreaming - where anything can happen and the possibilities are endless. If I ever wrote a novel it would most likely be a fantasy novel! lol

I also love all the myths and stories associated with the moon, they are varied and magical. The moon is nearly always connected to women, our cycles, emotions, nature and animals (especially hares in Celtic beliefs). The moon/night is for the feminine the sun/day is masculine and in poetry this can be turned into all sorts of play on words and imagery.

In other news from Kennedy HQ, I am to be interviewed about 'Silver Threads' and all things writer-ish by Emma Eden Ramos for her blog. I'll let you all know when I know more. 

I have been busy writing again and I have another page of automatic writing and have written a flash fiction piece! Proper flash fiction (about 850 words), not micro fiction, I'm getting better! lol It's inspired by the book I am reading at the moment 'Virgin Earth' by Philippa Gregory, which is set in England and Virginia in the mid 1600s. It's fascinating and mentions the Powhatan People, I just love it. I might post it on here at a later date - keep checking!  :)


  1. Lovely poem and although you didn't win the competition this year you can always enter next year plus that doesn't take away anything from how good your work was.

    Dreaming is fun, you can turn your world into anything you want it to be for that moment in time. Nice Post.

  2. Hi Rum-Punch Drunk

    That's the great thing about competitions, there are thousands of them. The sad thing about competitions and poetry magazines/ezines though is that 99% of them want completely unpublished poems, so the minute I put a poem of mine on my blog its been published and I can't send it in to anywhere again! Luckily I have more poems brewing all the time :)

    Thanks for visiting and the lovely compliments.


  3. This is very beautiful 8)

    My favorite moment is night n this made it seem more spectacular yet romantic too ^_^


    1. Hi Furita

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliments :) I love the night-time too, I think it makes me more creative! lol

      I have had a nosy around your blog too, you are so happy and colourful, it is great to meet someone so positive.


  4. Love it, Jade. I spent a decent part of my childhood summers in the desert of the southwestern is a magical place indeed. Your poem makes me want to go back and visit the Painted Desert as an adult.

    1. Hi Kris,

      Thank you for commenting. I am glad that you loved 'Starlight' it is definitely one of my favourites.I have heard of The Painted Desert before and sounds like such a magic place! (my geography is usually very good, but I thought it was somewhere in the Middle East! lol)

      Jade x