Saturday, 21 July 2012

Shameless Promotion for the Gorgeous 'Silver Threads'

I want to share with you all today the little snippets, secrets and reviews of 'Silver Threads'. Partly to cheer myself up with the lovely things people have said about my writing and also I thought my avid readers would find the little secrets very quirky to say the least! :)

Below are the two reviews on Amazon. It's such a rush to hear your writing described as 'An Enchanted read' - just for one minute it makes all the little speckled gremlins, that sit on your shoulder and tell you 'You can't write!' It makes them shut their mouths! Also it's lovely to know that a reader of my blog went and bought 'Silver Threads' :)

An Enchanted read

'Silver Threads' is a beautifully crafted collection of poetry that touches the essence of what life is all about, in all its shades and hues of hopes, dreams and desires. Intimately observant of the human condition and our idiosyncrasies it feeds a hunger that I never knew I had - and leaves me greedy for more. From 'Anachronism' (Time has twisted, moulded and warped. Like flexed steel fused at a particle level....) through to 'If Only' (...fingers tinted in poetry, painted in midnight blues by circumstance) Jade's imagery is rich and deep - and asks that you join her on an enchanted journey, leaving your other 'self' behind.

A must read for those new and old to poetry!! 

I had read many of Jade Kennedys poems on her blog and was so moved by them that I had to have her book! I found myself being taken back to memory's from childhood. I felt that some must have been written for me, I related to the emotion within them so much. They create such vivid visuals for me, it's almost like you are a part of the poem, helping to create it. They help me tap in to a deeper more mystical side of myself, and once I'm there I love it!!

I highly recommend...

So as promised I'm going to let you into a few secrets about the poetry in 'Silver Threads' I won't name the poems though, because that would spoil all the magic! 

They say that inspiration can come from anywhere! That's really true because one poem in 'Silver Threads' was inspired by a Windows screensaver! No I'm not kidding, if anyone has any ideas as to which one it is I'd love to hear from you! :)

There are a few poems in the ebook that I have written laid in bed, from the first word to the last! I was trying to get to sleep and the words of the poem just keep going around and around in my mind. Luckily I remember them the next day and write them down.

One poem is about where I grew up and has a real life event as it's ending. When I was younger I 'ran away' - I can't remember why, but I just took my toys, no food or money and thought I could live quite happily at the side of a pub! Thankfully it was only around the corner from where we lived and some nice teenage girls took me home! lol If you have read 'Silver Threads' that one might be a lot easier to pinpoint then the others.

If you want to buy the delightful 'Silver Threads' and make my day, the link is at the top in the 'buttons' or click the front cover at the top of the posts on the right. 

Have a great weekend everyone :)                            

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