Saturday, 28 July 2012

Interview with Emma Eden Ramos

Hi everyone just a quick blog post update to say that my interview with the lovely Emma is now available to read on her blog

She thought up some tough questions and some that got me really thinking.

'Which poem is my favourite?' - That was so hard! I thought if I name one will the others know and get upset, and then I realised that words can't have confidence issues and it's just me being paranoid! lol

I did name one as my all time favourite, I remember writing that poem and thinking 'hmm that's weird... I like it!' I think it's the imagery in that poem that makes me come back to it again and again. You will have to read the interview to find out which one! :)

Also she is one of the only people that has asked me how studying psychology at college has influenced my writing - I will always think that psychology is important to everyone! Too many people walk through life half blind as to why they do things and how they affect others! I think for a writer this is even more important. I like to dig deep and find out my own and other's beliefs, sometimes when you can see the bare bones as to why you do something it just seems ridiculous! :)

Here is the link again to her lovely blog - Interview with Poet Jade Kennedy

Have a great weekend. 

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