Thursday, 12 July 2012


She had been lost in thought and hadn’t realised where she had been walking until she ended up here again. The memories hit her like the acrid smell of fresh paint from a spray can, reminding her of the taste of it in the air as her name was written across the gate. It was too many years ago now and she didn’t want to remember the years that had flown by, the pain that was still real. She sat on the parched ground cross legged, her shoes scuffing the earth and causing miniature dust clouds.

She moved her hand across the graffiti scrawl of her name and his, still entwined. Where would he be now? She was sure he would still be a caffeine addict, he would still have that half-hearted smirk when he realised that he had hurt her. He would boast of his artistic genius and pull apart modern artists as ‘just amateurs.’ She would never forget the vibe from his wiry frame sitting next to her, pulling her lips to his, tasting his bitter kisses and leaving marks of faded paint on her cheeks.

This is my entry into the 1000 words flash fiction competition. The brief was to write a flash fiction piece in 200 words or less based on the picture above. I didn't win, but I wanted to share this with my readers and see what you all thought? It has been a traumatic week to be honest and I haven't written anything since this piece.

I used to love the picture prompts on and even thought I am only just experimenting with flash/micro fiction I wanted to give it a go. I have noticed things about my writing style whilst experimenting;

I never give anyone a name - I suppose prefer the mystery of he/she and I prefer describing emotion and feelings, rather then giving an identity. 

I never write dialogue - I think this is probably because I can't write dialogue. When I have tried in the past, the characters sound wooden and childish.

I am rubbish at naming my work! - This sometimes goes for my poetry as well. I hope people see past the titles to the writing and love it! lol

I enjoy writing thoughts, I like being lost in a persons mind and relaying what I see and hear in my writing. Maybe I am just a born poet and I can't really write fiction, but I'm starting to hope that I might be bringing a essence of poetry into fiction and visa versa.

Hope you all have a peaceful week :)

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