Sunday, 3 June 2012

'Silver Threads' is now available!


'Silver Threads', my gorgeous ebook is now available on Amazon!! You can buy it here ~ 

Silver Threads by Jade Kennedy 

I know I might sound like I'm gushing and getting over excited but I am absolutely over the moon! I know a lot of writers talk about that first moment when they have a book published - and that magic feeling. All I can say now is that I don't feel like a failure anymore, I know that sounds mad but I feel like I have finally done something worthwhile. So this moment, documented on my blog now for ever more, is that moment that all writers talk about. Who knows where this will take me now, in 10 years maybe this book will be the start of my writing career. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed because I'm not for a minute going to let myself think of the opposite.

I'm still astounded that people want what I call 'the mad ramblings in my head', but I must have something. The product description on Amazon written by my publisher Jamie McGarry describes my poetry as ~

'The poems are filled to the brim with rich, descriptive images to savour, illuminated by moonlight and a scattering of stars - and a sincere respect for our literary heritage, with subtle nods to Robert Frost and Virginia Woolf along the way.'

I want to thank Jamie McGarry and Ele Lawlor (my Publisher and Editor) for all their hard work and dedication, not only to me but all the authors that have been published by Valley Press - a small independent publishers in Scarborough who obviously have world domination (in a literary sense) in their sights.

Here from the book is the book's namesake 'Silver Threads' (one of my favourites) ~

When those silver threads weave
as soft and tender as white starlight
curling in tendrils through and within,
                                                 her crimson demure
was carried on a Celtic verse,
spoken around tribal firelight
when fire fled across the dying summer sky.
It was her curse to cradle
In all its raw iridescent facets
braided and fused into her ancestry;

told in sagas, bred into myth,
of women from the East with flowing silvered hair.
Also the paperback version of Silver Threads will be available in August, so please keep checking back. The beautiful cover is by my Mum, people who read the blog regularly will know how talented she is.

I would really appreciate any one who buys 'Silver Threads' to leave a comment telling me your thoughts, I would  love to hear from you. Have a wonderful Sunday and Jubilee weekend, I know I will :)


  1. Gorgeous work!! I'm off to Amazon to purchase your book.

    1. Hi Teresa

      Thank you so much for the compliment :) You have just made my day. I hope you really enjoy Silver Threads.

      Jade x