Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Purple Tree

'The Purple Tree' - This is a brand new painting by my Mum, which I have claimed as mine and named 'The Purple Tree' 

We are working together on possibly doing an Art and Poetry book. I'm am thinking of calling it 'Art and Poetry from The Purple Tree' I was inspired by the painting to write my poem below. We are wanting to create a grown up fantasy/fairytale book.

This probably won't be done until next year, but I will keep my blog readers informed as it progresses.

I hope you all have a wonderful sunny Saturday :) Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Check my Mum's Facebook page for more artwork ~ here

The Purple Tree

I saw through a summer’s mist
a purple tree,
on a star scattered, lonely hill.
Tiny white flowers
flowed upwards
to its thinnest branches
and opened their hearts to the sky.
Under its roots I saw
silvered eyes watch my every breath.
I thought I heard
a rustle of leaves that sounded like
a stolen Celtic rhyme.
This was a place for seekers of stories,
that mortals could only hope to glimpse.


  1. Hey, I do like green eggs and ham!


    1. Hi again Robert,

      So glad that you came and commented on my blog, it's good to know that you do like poetry after all! lol I like the 'Sam I am' reference :)