Wednesday, 27 June 2012

'The Path' by Julie Kennedy

The Path

Do you know how difficult it is to tread the path of light
Surrounded by a world invested in darkness?

Do you understand that your emanating inner light is a beacon
And the brighter you become the more darkness you will attract?

Do you know that if you stop you will be swallowed up and become like all the rest?
Like all the others who fear, who hate, who are conduits for the darkness,
To be used and cast aside.

Do you realise that you will be confused in the presence of darkness?
That logic will elude you
For the darkness will use all kinds of trickery to destroy you,
One way or the other - even at your own hands.

Do you know this world has reached a crisis point when you will be asked, finally
"Which master do you serve?"
Love or Hate

Do you comprehend the enormity of it? Do you understand the implications?
As the light gets stronger - so too does the darkness,
For the darkness hates the light, the darkness hates the truth.

Do you know you will be asked to analyse everything and everyone
To the extent that your brain will almost cease to function
In order for you to see the truth.

And do you realise that when you try to pass the information on
To those still in darkness
You will be mocked and pilloried and deemed as mad
For you must be silent, and observe and play the games they play,
Whilst knowing they are indeed games.

Do you know how hard it is to be who you are
When all around you are invested in making you what they want you to be
For their benefit - for their darkness.
For when you try to expose your light and verbalise your enlightenment
You will be brought back to 'reality' by those who profess to be doing it
Because they Love You.

Do you comprehend the heartache you will suffer when those you love
Who choose not to journey with you
Turn against you - unable to understand or forgive
That you cannot stay with them in the darkness.

And do you know there will be no rewards, or appreciation, or pats on the back
Once you begin on the path of enlightenment.

Be aware of your future before you take the step - before you begin your quest
For it is not an easy path
You may lose much of what you hold dear during the journey
Including your sanity, your ability to manifest, your identity
You will believe you are mad - or stupid - or both
Accept that you are neither, but a Warrior for Love
And for the Future of this World.

This was written in 2003 by my beautiful, spiritual Mum at a very emotional time in her life. I wanted to share this because I have been to the doctors with her today as she is facing another very stressful period in her life. She is a highly spiritual person and is so sensitive to the world and people's nastiness, that sometimes it overwhelms her to a point of exhaustion. This poem is all about that daily struggle to be a good person when you are up against what feels like the world and all its darkness. As she says;

'There will be no rewards or pats on the back'

All I can do for her is give her lots of love and an endless supply of tea, as she said she is the eternal optimist and is always planning for a bright future. I don't want to be sloppy, but I really don't know where I would be without her today! :)

This poem, along with other poems that have inspired her and the beautiful artwork are as always available on her website ~ here

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