Friday, 1 June 2012

New Poem Day for June ~ Midnight Fae

Midnight Fae

When she walked, undaintily
on the earth with small elfin feet
and it knew her touch,
saw her midnight-blue aura

could almost pronounce her name,
she was beautiful, wondrous
a fae  without flaw
a spirit within a spirit.

She only spoke in rhyme,
passing on wisdom like scattering wild flowers.
Watching our world in unnatural ways
with vivid silvered eyes, darkly framed.

She spoke to me,
of when she was revered,
when minstrels sang poems of her
in a lover’s guise.

Belief in her has never been needed,
by me or you, or logic.
She thrives, holds court
listening to those alone in the woods.

This is the first of my 'New Poem Day' poems, as promised this is one of my poems that has never seen the light of day before. 'Midnight Fae' was again another experiment, sometimes I just sit at the computer and write - with nothing in my head, no ideas or thoughts about what to write a poem about. This was was one these poems!
Most of the time my poems are born out of an image or a sentence that captures my imagination and then the poem 'snowballs' in my mind for a few days (sometimes just a few hours) and then gets written down. 

I love the imagery in this poem. I love the images that 'She only spoke in rhyme' brings up, it has a lovely fantasy feel to it. 

The lovely artwork is another of my mum's, this one is called 'Solstice' ~ Her Facebook Page