Friday, 22 June 2012

My 6 Sentences

You are my Sunshine

The hour we were married, the bells started their harmonious rendition of 'Green Sleeves', their golden, brassy sound resonated through the building. You looked at me in my floor length green dress and it was a magic moment that couldn’t have been predicted, our wedding day was blessed.
You looked so mature, dressed in deep purple, with an aura of seriousness but with a never faltering bright smile.You held my hands and we exchanged words and rings, like Celtic twining branches of silver and gold.

I don’t quite remember becoming an adult, but I remember you being there, at every step, growing and laughing with me, allowing you under my black cloud and loving me.
I was too embarrassed to have that first dance with you, but we have many days ahead of us to have that dance, in the rain or moonlight; you are my sunshine.

Today I thought I would share some more micro fiction, these are some of the '6 sentencers' I have been writing. It's very challenging to limit yourself to just 6 sentences, but it's good fun and keeps your mind ticking over. It's helping me write differently because writing a mini story is so different from writing poetry. With my poetry I want to run away with the descriptions of colours and the sky etc - I'm hoping this is what makes my poetry unique and what makes people carry on reading. I'm learning now to hone in that urge to describe and just run away with telling a story.
'You are my Sunshine' is all true! This is a homage to my Wedding day this year to Carl and as you can see from the photo we did wear green and purple! lol No white puff ball dress for me! The most magical part of the day was that the bells of the City Hall really did start playing 'Green Sleeves' the minute we started saying our vows! You couldn't make it up!

Lucid Dreaming

She felt like she had been asleep a hundred years. Her dreams had been gripping and lucid, her eyelids ached and she couldn’t grasp reality. In her dreams she had been in a desert landscape, and the sounds of a foreign language had drifted on the dry wind like melodies of a song. Everything she touched felt like ancient parchment and the sun had crawled along her skin like a persistent burn.
Someone had spoken to her she was sure, about love and deep affection, he had scanned her face with his deep chestnut eyes and stroked her hair, soothed her. She tasted honey on her lips, it was too real, too tangible, she found sand in her bed that night.

This is another example of what I have been writing. I really like this one especially the line;

'the sun crawled along her skin like a persistent burn'

I just love the descriptive beauty of that! lol I'm running away with description again! I am a true poet at heart!

I hope you enjoy them, if you want to read any more they are on my 6 sentences profile ~ here

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