Thursday, 14 June 2012

Micro Fiction take 2 - Blue

She stroked her hand across the aging wallpaper that always reminded her of him, his words and heavy scent. Everything held a part of him, secretly tucked into its core.

She had her suspicions that he hadn’t left, that he was always just out of vision, that if she blinked he had suffused himself back into her memories again.

 She could remember him now, she could hear his words as he recited his vows. Holding her hands in his, they were slightly cold but comforting. He was looking at her with his deep penetrating stare, that many found intimidating, but to her they mirrored his love so clearly, she felt she could touch that bright blue love with her bare hands.

There would never be another blue that perfect. That cold feeling came back now, of his hands around hers and the sensation of a cloudless summer sky. He was here again, right on time and waiting for her stories.

This is my second attempt at micro fiction - 'Blue' and I must say I'm loving it! Blue is about loss and mourning, but as my family have said when they read it, it's a beautiful story and very touching. I hope you enjoy.

I have also joined a writers community called 'The 6S Social Network - What can you say in six sentences?' I have already posted two 'six sentences' one called 'Prayer' - which is a short medieval type piece and 'Her Quote' which is a shorter version of my last post on here. Check out my profile ~ here

Also I have been having loads of success with Ether Books - They publish quick reads to your iphone, ipad etc and I have had 3 poems accepted and published by them! Happy days! :) 

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