Monday, 25 June 2012

The lies I told my Mother

The lies I told my Mother

Last Tuesday,
                   whilst rummaging,
I found a box of the lies I told my Mother,
                                                            one lost summer.
Bright and golden August sunshine
spilled across the wooden floorboards.

White wild flowers sprung up between the cracks.
The smell of orange juice was almost tangible.

The lies laid before me,
                                 scattered like stars.
Small and innocent, childlike.
The shame that lay beside them,
                                            had engulfed and consumed.

I heard my Mother's voice whisper,

'Leave that which scars the spirit to fade beneath the dust'

This is the first poem you see when you read 'Silver Threads' and it's one of my mums personal favourites. I wrote this is 2010, I can't remember what was in my head when I wrote this but I know I was experimenting with different layouts inspired by reading Carol Ann Duffy's 'Feminine Gospels'
My favourite line is;

'White wild flowers sprung up between the cracks.'

That's why I choose the picture to go with the poem. That line I think has great magical imagery. I enjoy setting out poems like this, I think it forces the reader to concentrate on different lines in the poem that other wise might have been over-looked. It also makes you read it slower, maybe making the poem more memorable.  

In other news I have had another poem accepted by Etherbooks and also 'Silver Threads' is now featured on their home page! :) I hope you all have a fantastic week, Happy Monday. 

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