Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Getting back into Poetry Submissions

I decided that after 'Silver Threads' came out that I would get back into the poetry submissions scene. I sent my first submission off in November 2011, and I now have a long list on my computer of the ezines that I have sent off to since then. I sent loads off in November, December and January, had a bit of a break in February to get married and then began again in March and April. In May I was planning and waiting for my ebook and didn't have the spare time. I actually entered 2 competitions in March - The Bridlington Poetry Festival and The Sentinel Quarterly Poetry Competition, I didn't hear back from either! lol  Obviously my poetry is not what the judges were looking for! lol, but they are fun to enter and as the phrase goes 'you have to be in it to win it'

So I thought I'd share some websites that have been a great help to me ~

Duotrope - This is the best poetry magazine/ezine list on the internet (as far as I know anyway) They have hundreds of ezines to search, and best of all it's completely free! I have found many ezines to send off to on here, it's invaluable. It's not just poetry either, you can search for novel and short story publishers as well.

Mslexia - 'For Women who Write' is Mslexia's motto, so yes it's just for us women. They have a great list of other ezines that they recommend. They hold lots of competitions for poetry, novels etc - Their current poetry competition closes the 18th of June, so there might be time to enter still. I thought of entering this as well.

Poetry Magazines  - This is the first site I came across with a list of poetry magazines. They are all in the UK on this website (where as Duotrope has loads of American ezines) and they are mostly printed magazines rather them ezines. Great site though and well worth a look.

I have started in earnest today to send off some submissions. Today I sent off a submission to 'Poetry Breakfast' - a site that encourages poetry with your morning coffee, which I think is quite fun :)

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