Monday, 18 June 2012

Dylan Thomas - Love in the Asylum

Love in the Asylum

              A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head,
              A girl mad as birds

Bolting the night of the door with her arm her plume.
              Strait in the mazed bed
She deludes the heaven-proof house with entering clouds

Yet she deludes with walking the nightmarish room,
              At large as the dead,
Or ride the imagined oceans of the male wards.

              She has come possessed
Who admits the delusive light through the bouncing wall,
              Possessed by the skies

She sleeps in the narrow trough yet she walks the dust
              Yet raves at her will
On the madhouse boards worn thin by my walking tears.

And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last
              I may without fail
Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars.

This is my favourite poem by Dylan Thomas. The line that grabbed me and made me fall in love with this poem was the line;

'A girl mad as birds'

Just that simple sentence explains so much, I can see in my mind's eye a girl that's skittish, nervy, bubbling over with excess energy, ready to fly at a moment's notice. Anything with a hint of madness hugely appeals to me! lol 
In the book I have, which contains this poem, they have said that it was written in April 1941 and it was inspired by his relatively new marriage to Caitlin, also there is a hint of 'madness' from the ongoing War at the time.

I first found Dylan Thomas when I stumbled across 'Under Milk Wood' - I had obviously heard of him but never spent the time looking for his poetry. When I read 'Under Milk Wood' I loved the rhythm of the poem more then anything, the fast pace and the flowing in and out of moods and emotions, all under the cover of darkness! It's just magic.

I also carry a secret hope that I am related to him since my great grandmother's maiden name was Thomas, and we think there is a Welsh connection too :)

I forgot to add the other day that my writer friend Natascha has started doing '25 Facts About you as a Writer' on her blog. Here is the link to my 25 facts  - 25 facts about me as a writer 
I would love to hear from any other writers who read this and see if there are any similarities between writers. Happy Monday


  1. One of my favorites too!

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      Thank you for reading and commenting :)