Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Where it all began

So this is where it all began for me, at the age of about nine and one of my first ever poems. I remember vividly sitting at the table in our front room and writing this, probably during the summer holidays because I remember writing it in the warm sunshine. I have copied this verbatim, along with the massive spelling mistakes and stupid layout! But hey its pretty good for a nine years old, and I do love the big X's through words when I know I've spelled it wrong in the original! lol

The Shadows

I am all alone in
a dark, dustiy, lonley
the only ligth was
the silver glow from
moon thourght the plan
and the fireiy light
that shone around me
but in the saylans 
ther is a movemnt
the door slow slow
opens and a dark 
shadows seps into the wall
and runs around the room
it runs back to the 
door and holds 
the hand and a nuter
shadow steps into the 
room and Dances
around and around the room
and dances the night away
and the silver glow of
the trurns into the golden glow
of sunshine and the shadows
faed away and the suts
with a gust of wind
and the glow around me 
has gone I sit and wat
in the golden glow and wat
untill next nights dance

Who would have ever read that and thought 'This girls gonna be a poet!' My spelling was and still is sometimes horrific! I still have a spelling test book from 'Class 7' so I would be about 6 to 7 and I look through it sometimes for a good laugh! One of my favourites is my spelling of the months of the year;

January - Jamwer
February - Fedyweiy
July - Julay
August - Ogust
September - Setember
October - Ootoober
December - Dsewder

So there is hope for everyone and anyone! :)

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