Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Short Poetry

Today I thought I would share some of my short poems or 'shorts' as I call them. Most of these are shorts that I wrote while a member of for site competitions. The usual rules were that the contest holder gave out a 'prompt' something that the poem should be about or something to inspire, sometimes it was a photo or another poem and you were to write a 'short' in say, 50 words or less. Most of the time it was a phrase or a single word, and they always asked for 'brevity!' If you could take their breath away in a single line you'd cracked it! . The competitions were a lot of fun on the whole and really got the creative juices flowing :)


I once dreamed of a world without words,
devoid of song and laughter.
Where thoughts lingered, floating
within unspoken words our passions raged.


We waited for our shadows to return,
they didn't,

and we remain incomplete.


Paint me into your abstract thoughts.

Colour me a rich lazuli blue,
with a honeyed, amber dialect

Forget the conversations of yesterday,
create with me a cerulean sunrise.

I really do love the line 'Colour me a rich lazuli blue, with a honeyed, amber dialect' I just love mixing up language! Why can't you have a honeyed, amber dialect? It just sounds so luscious! lol

The artwork is by my amazing Mum! Who is the most beautiful artist and person. This piece is called 'Dance of the Ondines' and the print is for sale on her gorgeous website here -, along with other beauties :) 

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