Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Poetic Anniversary

Its my anniversary, of sorts! 3 years ago today I put my first poem on the website This wasn't the first poem I ever wrote, not by a long shot and it wasn't the first one I wrote outside of childhood. There were many, angry 'nobody understands me' poems when I was a confused teen, some of my poems even now still have a small element of that! It was the first poem I truly felt proud of and thought 'what the hell' and put it on the internet for all the world to see. 
The rest of the summer of 2009 was spent in a kind of mad writing haze! I was obsessed with words and poetry! I wrote about 3-4 poems a week non stop until about November, when I finally slowed down and realised that I'd written about 50 poems! I have about 150 now. So happy anniversary to me and thank you to all the people on that were so supportive of me and my fledgling writings, and also thank you always to my mum and Carl who supported and encouraged me in that mad writing summer and still do now.

The first poem I put on allpoetry was called 'Written in the Stars' and the next 2 called 'Muse' and 'Dawn' were written and posted within 2 days after the first, as I said it was a writing frenzy! I look back on them and realise how far I have come. Here is a small snippet of 'Written in the Stars'

I am the late summer sun reflected off dark emerald leaves
I am the virgin that harvests the ripe golden corn,
I am purity and perfection, I am Midas reborn.
I am the salt of the earth and the spirit of the fields.

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