Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm Ready

My poem 'I'm Ready' is a little snippet of my dark poetry, which I do write from time to time when I am feeling particularly darkly inspired and I'm sure people will get the Alice in Wonderland connection :)

I saw this when checking out a Canadian poetry magazine to submit to. I didn't end up submitting anything because the website and blog page had been dead for months, so I figured that they had closed down. They asked poets to submit files of hand written poetry, what they wanted was the original page - that moment when pen and paper meet and the creativity starts flowing. Poets who had submitted earlier had had loads of fun with this concept and written how ever they liked and added doodles etc I just loved the idea! I thought I would try this myself with this short poem of mine, all hand written by me in my best Tim Burton handwriting style. This is another of my poems that will be in the eagerly awaited 'Silver Threads'

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