Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Aren't haikus wonderful and varied, they can be short single ones or long verses of single ones telling a story. This is another aspect of poetry that I discovered on allpoetry.com. I loved entering the haiku competitions on the site, though I can't say that I won many! but I enjoyed the challenge. I once held a competition of my own on the site, I set the quite creative prompt of haikus on anything to do with the universe and stars. Many of my haikus have the word 'summer' or 'spring' in them, that's because I read on the internet somewhere that a traditional haiku has to have the 5-7-5 syllable count and also mention a season. I'm sure the excellent haiku writers out there have done this much more subtly than me! lol 

Below is my haiku that explains haikus :) It's one of my favourites, and the one I recite when anyone mentions them ~

haiku I have done,
its easy when you know how ~
to talk like Yoda 

and this is a traditional nature haiku inspired by a gorgeous picture of a dragonfly ~


fragile rhythmic wings,
vibrant green shimmering love ~                                        summer hearts do fly



  1. As I thought! Much better than all of the haiku I've ever written! :)

    I havent been on allpoetry.com would you recommend it? I'm interested in what sort of competitions they do?

    I wish I was naturally good at haiku..I dont think I have the patience to count the syllables etc...

  2. Thanks for the comment Natascha :) I don't claim to be a brilliant haiku writer, but I have fun. I'm very sure that yours aren't awful! I would recommend allpoetry.com, its great for getting writing practice, there's no money involved in the competitions. But be warned that some people take the whole thing far too seriously! If you know what I mean. lol :)