Monday, 7 May 2012

A Fantastic Weekend

I have had an amazing weekend with so much going on its been completely mind boggling! Firstly on Saturday I had a lovely meeting with my publisher Jamie and editor to discuss the imminent arrival of my ebook. We had a great chat and it was so nice to finally meet Ele (my editor) for the first time. I actually inspired her to write a new poem all about tattoos! Who else can say that they inspire their editor!

Saturday night and Sunday just blew me away! Our friend Alyson on Facebook has a spiritual page called 'The Sacred Journey of the Soul 2', which posts spiritual quotes and artwork to 46,828 fans. She posted my poems 'Written in the Stars' on Saturday night and 'Muse' on Sunday afternoon and the response was just incredible! Combined they have been shared 199 times and have 361 likes! You should have seen my face, we just sat and gasped as we watched the numbers go up and up! There were some heart felt comments from people all over the world in places like Mexico, Afghanistan, America, South Africa and loads more, saying how much they loved my poems.
The icing on the cake was that 'Written in the Stars' was translated by a woman in Mexico into Spanish! and 'Muse' was translated by a man in Brazil into Portuguese! I went a bit mute from the shock when that happened! I'm just a girl from Yorkshire, this doesn't happen to girls from Yorkshire that write alone in their bedroom and only got a C at GCSE English! (That was due to me leaving school because of being bullied! In my mock exams I got an A, this has been a thorn in my side ever since! lol) So thank you Alyson from the bottom of my heart for the amazing publicity and thank you also to the people that shared, liked and left the beautiful comments on Facebook.

Here is 'Written in the Stars' in Spanish (I'm so so chuffed with this!)

Escrito en las Estrellas

Yo soy el portador de agua, el portador de las lluvias,
la fuerza vital de crecimiento, la selva en flor.
Yo traigo risa y la alegría, el funcionamiento interno de la mente.
Yo soy la luz y el aire y el ser de la verdadera amistad.

Yo soy el sol a finales del verano se reflejaba en las hojas oscuras de color esmeralda
Yo soy la Virgen que las cosechas de maíz de oro de la madura,
Yo soy la pureza y la perfección, soy Midas renacer.
Yo soy la sal de la tierra y el espíritu de los campos.

Tengo frío al tacto, muertas las hojas caídas,
las memorias de los otoños pasados el flujo en las venas.
Yo soy la envidia y la pasión oscura y el mundo subterráneo oculto.
Yo soy el líquido y profundo, estoy integral del agua de los Mundos.

Estoy escrito en las estrellas, yo soy complejo y un acertijo,
Yo soy de carne y hueso, pero yo soy parte de la vida.

Poema de Jade Kennedy

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